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poor service, I have been lied to from the beginning of my service with no resolution with he still ongoing problem Installer sold me router illegally, I was promised a refund of my money, this was June 13, 2014, as of today, Sept 19, 2014, still no refund!!
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How exactly does an installer sell you a router illegally?  You are legally allowed to buy and sell products and services from anyone you wish, as long as that product you are buying is legal.  It's a router, not a crack-rock.
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I suspect the reference to "another contract" is really just another 1 or 2 year commitment needed to get discounted pricing. Although I don't go through DirectTV for Exede, I do go through the yearly dance with them for TV service a few days before the end of my commitment after looking at the current Dish new customer promos - I've become so accustomed and comfortable with it I simply call up ask for customer retention, explain to them that I can save $40 a month by switching. I then simply ask what they can do and that I recognize they can't fully match the DISH new customer promos -  this year I got $20 off per month, free NFL Sunday Ticket and $100 gift card to spend as I wish - but it required another 1 year commitment - basically a $580 retail value but NFL Sunday Ticket is way over-priced for my purposes to begin with.. and as always it pays off to be nice despite the negotiation frustration.                            
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Danielbo - Your VOIP equipment would count against your Exede data usage.  You have to use the Exede Voice equipment for it not to count against your data usage.  I don't know about Dish, but I have DirecTV and I do not have it connected to Exede.  I can watch all my channels (including PPV and on demand PPV), do program guide searches and program my DVR to record programs from my cell-phone.  There are more features available such as a deeper guide search if I connect it to Exede, but I don't want to risk blowing my DAP.  The snow/ice problem can be a pain which is why many people in colder climates have their dish mounted on a pole, 5-feet off the ground.  It is the heavy wet snow that gets you.  I have had my dish covered with 6" of the fluffy stuff and remained connected, but 1/4" of ice on the feed horn will shut you down sometimes.
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you can also get a dish heater installed on your dish to melt snow... I have to do this here... and this year I get to buy a new one for the exede dish lol *sigh* it never ends
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But why should I have to get a dish heater a purchase out of my pocket. With cable you do not need to purchase a line heater. I know then go with cable, I would if I could. But for the most part I have good service. I do not have a problem with my internet. Even when it snows.

I ran into a super rep, that I met on her, for Excede. I let her know that I had some computer problems and had to do a bunch of down loads to get it backup and running. So I just needed a little bit more time for this month, where as normally I do ok with the amount of time I have. She was able to help me by giving some extra gigs to help me get through the month. She was a great help by the name of Kimberly. I never have a issue with Excedes reps, they have been so great, and as a CSM, I know a good rep when I talk to them, they are there to help not upset you. Kimberly was a help. My issue is with Dish net and really not that much after having it for a while and finding all these things out. Its just that Dish knocks cable, but not once to they talk about knocking snow off the dish, or when it rain you loose service. Now when I do have service, it is a great picture, really its better than I ever had with cable. But I was upset with them also when I wanted to add a wireless unit to my system, just for one tv. It was going to cost me a fortune to just add something that is not even mine. But if I was a new customer I could get it added for nothing, or been with them for more then a year. I have been with them for 9 months. So they did upset me to tell me I could not add to my system for no less then $300.00. For a system that is not mine, plus add to my contract. But a new customer could get it free.

I do what to give Kimberly a great big thank you for help this month.

Daniel Bonnell


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I understand your points. I do. What you need to really understand is that sales reps are being paid to sell you, not give you any facts that would deter you from buying. If they had told you that in foul weather your service wouldn't work, that if you have both satellite tv and satellite internet you will be using a broom or water hose to clean your dish during the snow time, unless you install a dish heater, would you have purchased their service? If i lived somewhere where I had access to cable? I would never switch to a satellite system for anything.
The other thing you can get in the habit of doing to save yourself this aggravation in the future is to use GOOGLE or any other search engine to research the thing you want to do.
Seriously, look stuff up, get on forums like this one before making a purchase. Read what existing customers are having to say about how they feel about their service.
Read reviews on the tech sites.
NEVER rely on a sales rep to inform you of everything you need to know before buying what they are selling, do the research, learn it for yourself so that when you finally do talk to the sales rep, you are as well informed as possible.
The installers that have been installing satellite systems in the town where the cable is that I work for, outright lie to the people they are installing stuff for.
They promise them the moon, tell them it is unlimited etc etc, anything to get that system installed and get that poor sap tied to that 2 year contract. They also cut up the cabling that belongs to the company I work for, making it as difficult as possible for that person to get re-hooked up to cable. I think the owner of the company I work for might even file a lawsuit against the installer's company because of this practice.
Installers are NOT supposed to touch any existing equipment on the premises, they are supposed to install all new cabling and equipment etc, but don't, and this is why so many installs are so marginal in performance.
I think a class action suit should be brought about early termination fees, personally. I think such things should be illegal, since they force you to keep paying for something you do not want, which is blackmail.
but that is just my take on things.
Forewarned is forearmed, and by informing yourself, you have all the tools you need before going into talk to anyone who is being paid to make sure you give them money no matter what.
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I am a CSM manager and I know what those people have to go through, mostly its what they are told they can or can not do. But if you ask for a supervisor you normally can get it. I know this, we do the same thing. I do not agree. I believe in trying to back up what ever my CSR had said, but I know by the end of the conversation I am going to end of doing what ever they want, in order to keep the customer. I always say, my job is to make people happy that the CSR pissed off, which is not fair to the rep. Not always true that I can, most generally it is. Now with my issue I asked for a supervisor and was told there was not on there. I told her " that I find that hard to believe they have a customer service department that with out a supervisor". So sometimes with some companies its hard to get a supervisor, but ours, I am her and waiting to try to make you smile when you hang up that phone. Is sucks I know. Well I never did get my wireless connection, I did write a letter, and got a call back stating that they will take care of it, I just need to call them back. Forget that, they had their chance to keep a customer and lost it. I shouldn't have to go through all this for good service. Neither should anyone. But that is the way this world is today. That saying the customer is always right is long gone and that is sad, I say because they pay my check each week.
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autugres, if you can send me an email to, I can take a look at your account to see what's going on with your refund. Thank you.

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