Wi-Fi Fridays: Surprising data-draining apps (and how to lessen the impact)

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Hi everybody!

This week's Wi-Fi Friday article is about one of our most popular topics -- data management! If you're interested in how apps like Spotify, Snapchat, and Twitter, among others, can be an inadvertent drain on both your Viasat and cellular data, through things like autoplay video, or cacheing videos you're never even going to watch, check out this week's article on our corporate blog. 

I hope everyone has a great weekend! 
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Posted 6 months ago

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Thanks Lizzie. Have a great weekend.  We'll take it from here!  :)
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I didn’t know that Brad enjoyed home brewing. Do tell...
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Say what??? YOU  don't have your own office?  I'll call Mark Monday morning and get that straightened out.  I'm thinking... 3rd floor, corner, 2 windows with tinted glass, a leather Captain's chair (recliner, of course), and most importantly.... outlets for the mini-fridge.
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@Matt B Lovely, I can imagine. Having been on the receiving end of unhappy attention seeker emails over a game or three I help out with, I know how that goes.

Fortunately I'm a volunteer and, do this at home, I can go grab a "hillbilly wine glass" full anytime I want. (That's a pint Mason jar hot clued on top of a taper candle holder.) Just one though, a pint of wine and, those emails are mildly amusing and, I'm just uninhibited enough to reply with suggested solutions/information and, an appropriate meme or gif LOL.

Well a good community person has to find a way to get a smile now and then - if the troll isn't smiling, the team reading the emails sure as heck is. :P
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About time for the troll to show up again BTW.
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haha it's a hobby I got into a few  years ago. Summer is busy since every county fair or festival seems to have competitions so I'm trying to snag medals or ribbons for the next 2 months. On a streak at the moment so we'll see how this goes but most cover admission with entries so even if I don't win I may have an excuse to eat funnel cake for lunch. "oh I didn't know I'd get so full. Gosh darn it! guess I'll eat healthy tomorrow". 
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LOL @Brad - but you know ANYTHING healthy or green cancels out the bad - like strawberry funnel cake - real strawberries so, it's all good, or an Irish themed one with green icing- it's green so all good again. :P

Besides you at least tasted the beer right? That's made from grain and hops - natural, healthy stuff so, you're good for the day - you ate or drank healthy stuff. :P
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Snapchat was an eye-opener. I barely use it. Maybe once every week or two and it ate 1GB. I can imagine customers with teenagers probably will see a much higher number