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When I signed up I was promised  1-5 mb speed after using my initial 12gig, just as it is advertised. I have yet to see anything over 100kb speed since the 1st time i used all my data no matter what time of day or day of week. Customer service gives me the same B.S everytime I call, (reset your modem, wait 10 minutes and  you should be good, have a nice day) well not 1 time has reseting the damn modem  helped anything. Think its time some of us start filing complaints with  the B.B.B for the false advertising and lieing you people give to us customers.
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You can file with the BBB and it wont get you anything.
I have filed several times and never got a response.
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When I first went to the liberty plan, I did get the 1-5 mb/sec speeds as advertised, but over the past several months it has gotten progressively worse to where I'm lucky to get 100kb/sec. They have obviously made adjustments to the way the liberty pass works. I think they initially offered the new plans to free up congestion during the lnfz. However, I think they miscalculated just how many people would switch to the liberty plans. So they effectively shifted the congestion from the lnfz to daytime. Now they are in damage control mode trying to free up congestion during the day. Each time I call now it's "speeds are not guaranteed and can be much slower depending on congestion." Luckily I'm no longer under contract and can cancel. I foresee much slower speeds coming. I actually suspect they have instituted fap for the liberty users, yet they will never admit to it.
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Ive never seen 1-5mbps  in 4 months ive been with them and Im the only person in this town that has exede  as far as know, and its not just during the day that i dont get it its never  do i get over 100kbps, and until we start doing something  and saying something these people are going to continue to rip off their customers every which way they can. I shouldve known the minute the install tech pulled up and said i had to pay 35$ directly to him for the roof mount and then  he tracked mud in my house took it upon himself to move my bed  spilling a glass of milk  everywhere not bothering to clean it up or tell me he spilled it , then just left the cable  from the satellite to the house laying out on the ground exposed that this company was  a big scam and told him to gtfo out of my house lol. I want to start an online petition or something that will make the B.B.B or someone with authority  to actually take a look at what these people are doing  to their customers, if it can be done to AT&T then it can be done to these people as well.
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The 1- 5 Mbps claim is qualified with "during non-peak hours". Your coverage area (spot beam) extends far beyond your town - mine covers half of Virginia, half of Maryland and portions of NJ, DE and NC - see http://www.northlc.com/_images/beam_priority_map.png to get an idea of your coverage are.  

However based on your install horror story, it's likely you have a bad install. Success with Exede begins with a quality install and yours certainly doesn't sound like one.

You should send an email to exedelistens@viasat.com along with your account and contact information (don't post that information here since this is a public forum).   

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