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We had a very odd thing happen to us this morning.  Our monthly usage reset last night, so I was using the Internet this morning without issue, then had breakfast with my daughter and when I came back to my computer I was being sent to a Dishnet "Your account has been suspended contact Dishnet" message.  Since I don't have Dishnet, I found this very confusing.

So, I tried contacting customer support.  The automated system informed me that their data showed that my modem was offline and it wanted to step me through the troubleshooting steps.  Well, my modem wasn't offline, so I bypassed that and attempted to contact a representative, but apparently the office is closed.  Really, in today's world an Internet provider doesn't provide 24 x 7 support?  Anyway, I tried the chat, which was also offline, so I sent an email through the system.

Oh, and out of frustration, I did contact Dishnet and got a person right away.  Sadly that person was just as confused as me and unable to help at all, but I really wasn't surprised by that.

And, now suddenly I'm back online, and the automated phone system didn't say anything about my modem when i called again.  However, the customer support person told me that my dish may have been moved somehow and sent me to technical support, who I was disconnected from as i started to speak.  Nothing was changed on my side this morning, no computers have been restarted, the router has not been restarted and the modem has not been restarted.  Every piece of equipment had the proper number of lights to indicate that it was online, connected and working properly the entire time.

We've had this service for over a year and never seen this happen before, but now I'm concerned as to why it happened and what's going to keep it from happening again.  We were offline for over an hour that I know of, and perhaps as much as two and a half hours.
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Posted 5 years ago

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Strange. I would like to try to help. If you go to the other forum, we can private message.
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John, that is strange. I'd like to examine your account a little more closely; please send me an email at and I will do some investigating.
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I am an Exede customer and I am having this same problem currently. I called Exede customer service who in a friendly voice said 'I have heard of that but your account is fine, you have been hacked, it is not our problem'. Really. Has to be Exede because our cell phones, laptops (all devices) say the same thing. Account suspended, call Dishnet?!?!
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Same thing happened to me this morning. Called Excede, they are aware of the problem but don't know yet why it is happening. They had me back up in 5 minutes. Very strange indeed...
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Hi Globewoman, I am glad you are back up and working!  Thanks for posting the issue was resolved so quickly.  Exede Diana
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Hi Diana, we had this same problem happen to us this morning. We called Exede, and were able to have an Exede tech - Michael - fix the problem for us. He was very professional and resolved the situation. But this seems to be a problem numerous people are encountering & discussing on different Satellite / Tech forums.

Has Exede been able to identify why people are having their internet access blocked & being redirected to their competitor - DishNet - with a screen stating that their account's suspended? It's confusing to be told our account was suspended by DishNet, owned by Echostar - when our service is through Exede, owned by Viasat.  asked Michael - the Exceed tech - if he knew what was causing it, and he said he wasn't sure why it was occuring.

Seems like maybe malware hijacking the internet connection & redirecting Exede customers to their competitor, which wouldn't make much sense to me and seems kinda funny, to be honest. We've had Exede phone & internet for almost 2 years now, and we are very satisfied with the service. But this is a bit unnerving to have our internet service "suspended", and end up being redirected to a completely separate company.

Would like to hear back from you or another Exede service representative and find out what's going on with this issue now that several people seem to be having the same problem.

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I am sure it has nothing to do with "hacking". Satellite internet it a very technical beast, as it cable tv, etc. Every nkw and then things get "stupid" for lack of a better word.
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Had the same thing happen this morning around 7 AM. Was using the web, no problems. Then all of the sudden at 7:00 AM exactly - BAM! Couldn't go to Google, and when I tried going to Reddit, it brought up "Your account is suspended, call DishNet".  Confused me because I have Exede, ya know?

But I called Exede customer service and talked to a tech named Michael.  He did a system reset on his end of the connection, then had me go ahead and go to CPrompt and release my ipconfig, and then renew my ipconfig.  So yeah...I got my internet back and it was basically painless.  Michael was a great help & very professional. Now I know what to try first next

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