Way too pricey for the service provided

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I am really unhappy with Exede. It seems to never work. If my phone is connected to it, it doesn't work. It does not work on my lap top and god forbid I try to watch Netflix. It should not be so expensive. It honestly feels like a scam. No wonder their cancelation fee is so high.. probably the only way they make a profit
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Posted 7 months ago

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Do you have any other internet options?
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If you are having frequent disconnects or slow speeds even when you have data remaining and it is not peak hours (afternoon and evening are peak hours) please email your account information, contact information and, a description of the issues you are having to exedlistens@viasat.com so that they can help you get your service working properly.

They do want us all to have the service we pay for and, as a customer with her service working properly, I can tell you that it is good service as metered providers go and, definitely the best rural ISP going.
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Yes, the "service" is a complete scam.  I've contacted my Legislators about it; it is a total fraud and the customer service is a complete joke.  No devices connected at all and only Facebook browsing is being done, yet we used 11.6 GB in just a few hours.  This happens monthly.  I just dropped to the lowest plan because it is such a complete scam.  I wouldn't recommend this joke of a company to my worst enemy.  
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No devices connected at all and only Facebook browsing is being done, yet we used 11.6 GB in just a few hours.
Your computer used to access Facebook is a device, so much for No devices connected "at all."

You contacted your Legislators...  Good luck with that !!  You are a mere "consumer," a class of the population your Legislators refer to as "The great un-washed." They haven't cared about consumers since the start of the Industrial Revolution and today consumers are nothing but the sheep they watch over. So yea, good luck.

Exede Internet is NOT too pricey for the service provided.
You are a consumer, and consumers consume, that's their lot in life.  Consumers form opinions of what things are worth base on what they pay for other  things they consume, regardless of what it cost to put something on the market.

Exede could have priced this internet at $50 per GB and still had thousands of subscribers.  They would pay not for what it is, but what it does;  It puts the internet out in the boondocks.  The CEO (Mark Dankburg) of ViaSat , the parent company of Exede, wanted to put a better system in place than the competition.  He is NOT driven to make all the millions of dollars he can in his lifetime.  He is more interested in seeing his vision of what is technologically possible materialize.  His idea of success is seeing his system function as designed, and multitudes of people benefitting from it.  If people are going to benefit, the service must be affordable to just about everyone, thus the price schedule we enjoy that can be accommodated in most average household budgets.

Right now, Exede is the victim of it's own success, it's at capacity, and then some.  The ViaSat-2 satellite will be operational in Q1 of next year, and will relieve the congestion of ViaSat-1 which we are now using today. People are already making statements of gloom and doom for ViaSat-2, how it will be over-booked in less than 2 years.  ViaSat will be ready.  The first ViaSat-3 satellite will launch about 18 months after ViaSat-2 goes operational.  It will have Terabit rated capacity that will make congestion something the cable and DSL companies will be suffering, but not ViaSat/Exede.

I wouldn't recommend this joke of a company to my worst enemy.
If you did, in about 4-5 months they would be more likely to be your best friend.
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Also, Facebook is a horrible data hog. It autoloads videos, and RELOADS them all every time you scroll them off the screen, then back onto the screen - yep, same video may load a dozen times or more as you scroll up and down your feed. You need to disable that in Facebook settings or, get a good media blocker, like UBlock Origin to prevent those videos and pictures form chronically reloading and, eating up your data.
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Hi Jessica

If you're coming from a cable or DSL connection to satellite you may notice some things are going to be limited in comparison. This is 1000% due to the technology used. While the satellites are really awesome as a technology as a whole, for a normal internet user it may not see it as great as other types of internet access. 

By and far the purpose of Satellite internet is to provide internet in areas where DSL and Cable either cannot extend to or won't extend to because the revenue falls well below the costs of doing so. Or in areas that DSL is just a little better than dial up. With Satellite Internet, you can get 12mbps (or faster) internet no matter where you live, but due to the limitations of being able to handle a certain amount of bandwidth on  the actual satellite there are some data restrictions in place. Unlike our terrestrial counterparts, the only way to improve and expand our offerings is by launching a multi-million dollar satellite to expand. We just launched ViaSat 2 in June and in a few months early into 2018 we'll be able to double everything we have now and give our customers some much requested flexibility.

As a result, our customers will be able to have more robust plans to do online activities like streaming Netflix without worrying about it draining a quarter of their data or more. Netflix and other cord-cutting services sort of dictated how people use the internet and if this is something you're interested in looking into, it's led to some very vocal debates with internet providers that CAN offer unlimited data to enforcing caps (Comcast/Xfinity just started adding caps recently as have AT&T if I'm not mistaken) 
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In fact, if this article is accurate and, I believe it is, more ISPs impose data caps than do not. True some may be capped in the terabytes, but, capped none the less.


From a cost standpoint, I see the reasoning, even if congestion is not an issue, the infrastructure needed to provide service is and, it does seem only fair that heavier users pay more of the cost of that than lighter users.

Viasat makes paying our fair share optional and, they don't cut us off once we reach our cap. That's more than fair. We just get slowed down if we are residential subscribers.

They could easily meter residential as they do business and just charge us for going over our caps or, simply cut our service off all together for the remainder of the month but, Viasat chooses not to do either of those things to it's residential customers. They give us the option to stay slowed, or buy more data to get speeds back up - it's our choice and, that's a choice most ISPs don't give you.