Viasat speed too slow up and down

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Too Slow!!! to operate the 4G LTE Cellspot a critical link in my network. The network being sluggish over the last several days is about like the old 'forever to load' dial-up.

PING = 712 ms
DOWNLOAD = 1.32 Mbps
UPLOAD = 0.95 Mbps
Result ID 7030399172

Star Communications at Maringouin, LA
sent on 4 Feb 2018
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Posted 2 years ago

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1.32 mbps is too slow to perform a phone call?

I get the same speed with priority data during prime time. Looks normal to me.
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Specs call for 2Mbps down. You may struggle to get it to function correctly at all times. If you normally only get around the speed you posted, I can’t see it working on your current plan.
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many things can cause reduced speed. If you have used all of your 12 GB of priority data, speeds should return when your data resets on your billing date. Speeds will be slower during prime time, mid afternoon to about 5 AM in most areas.

Beyond that, signal and equipment issues can play a part, If you email your account and contact information to, someone will be happy to take a look and make sure everything looks good on that front.
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I CALL BULL ****!!!!!!
I just switched from Liberty plan to unlimited 3 days ago.  I got 12-15mbps on liberty which is its peek until data cap then it was 1-2Mbps throttled. 
I now get 1-5Mbps with unlimited plan,  all day every day, that's supposed to be up to 25Mbps .
This bull **** ,when I called support 6 times, all saying that's normal because of priority and traffic?  BULL ****!!!!!!!!
I still have my old modem and I can plug it in right now and get 12-15Mbps, RIGHT NOW!!!!
 Your just Giving everyone a load of CRAP, Bev!!
Making excuses for a POS modem you people distributed out to us, that pay premium prices. 

I know for a fact something is wrong when i had to have a Tech come out and move the dish because signal wasn't strong enough for new modem, but was fine where it was for old modem. HMMM????  wonder why???
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Sounds like he has a bad wifi modem. There is a firmware update he can receive if he emails

I bet his speeds are beyond 5 mbps if he turns off wifi and plugs an ethernet cable from his computer directly into the modem.
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his 4g microcell i'm sure plugs into eth and is not also wireless. And viasat does use different provisioning for surfbeam2 and surfbeam2+wireless
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no that was plugged right in no wifi 
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fair enough Old labs. when i searched for slow speed unlimited plan this is the thead it brought up. Now i see it is for Liberty 12 
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GE please email us at or for faster service call 855-463-9333