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It appears a no long term contract option is now available to at least some (click image to enlarge)...

but it'll cost you and I assume this is exclusive of lease fees, but a moderator may clarify.


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Posted 2 years ago

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We are testing that in some areas. It may not be available everywhere but I do think it has more upfront fees.
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Makes sense though. Charge more for the install upfront but get no early termination fees that people complain about. People will still complain, but not about that:)
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At $300, not sure it offers any real value unless wanting/planning to cancel in the first three months to save a few bucks. Since you pay for the 1st month in advance, max cancellation would be for 23 months ($345) and keeps dropping $15 each month thereafter. Most you'd save is $45 the first month, then $30, then $15, then $0, and then be paying more. Some may bite however and at least it emphasizes there are some up front costs to new installs that must be recouped and the reason for ETF.

I do see it's now mentioned in the termination instruction's fee schedule: 

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No credit check needed the Upfront way

Back in the old days, before even WildBlue, the other guys charged everyone $600 upfront & still had early termination fines.
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Ah, that would make sense... there was in fact someone here a while ago that couldn't get service due to failing his/her credit check due to no credit history.

P.S. Yep it was Wesley and had to search for it on a thread that was resurrected from the dead three months ago after the change to credit checks:

where I said:

If it's that big of a concern, charge for install and take a deposit on the equipment.
Apparently Viasat does listen ;)

However, I'm glad they didn't listen to:

What next? A concealed modem permit to demonstrate browsing competency?
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Back in 2004 I signed up for WildBlue's direct competition, and you either had to buy the equipment outright or pay it off over 15 months.  It was $400, if I remember correctly.  I chose the latter.  There was no lease at the time, though the installation was free.  Still had the same system until Feb 2016.  

The following year (2005) my neighbor got WildBlue.   
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My memory is failing me but I think I paid in the area of $325? to own and install my Wildblue system. Lasted about 7 years with no hardware issues so it was the better option.
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My Wildblue was $299 from the coop in 10/2005 and after that I owned the equipment, no lease.