Viasat in the news......

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  • NO new/different plans in my area, I'm stuck!

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The last paragraph is eye opening. I don’t think it’s a misprint. I think it’s the number of customers ViaSat has calculated to become subscribers in new areas covered with ViaSat 2. Between this and the hoopla that will bring confused Hughes Net customers aboard, we can clearly see why new plan offerings are subpar (or will be when we finally see them offered on our beams).

Easy money made without putting real meat on the plans. That will work for 6 months to a year. LEOs coming online will be the only thing that will force ViaSat plans to grow in a robust manner.
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the story reads like pure marketing from viasat direct. Dogging low earth orbit sats just on the concept? I still wonder what viasat is thinking marketing stuff as "unlimited" consumer backlash directed at the cell phone companies should have prevented them from doing that I would think.
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Except "unlimited" for cell phone companies was what, 22 GB of priority data? At least that was Verizon's unlimited. But I see ypur point. I believe Viasat's "Bronze" plan has 30 GB of priority data.
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T-Mobile has 2 towers that I have excellent signal from where I live. I have an LTE router on an unused line of service that has Unlimited Data for the last 2 months - on paper you are subject to "de-prioritization" if you use more than 50 GB of data volume in a month, but in practice, I've used 100's of GB of data without any noticeable degradation in service.  This is presently providing Internet service for the house, with 4 heavy users and 20+ devices.

As it stands, I plan on dumping Viasat in the next 30 days.......
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"In the news"? I think not. It reads more like a press release.

Also, 100,000 users <=> 100,000 paying retail customers. How many users are they estimating per household? How many are airlines customers? Three types of lies - lies, damned lies and statistics.
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Viasat's Home Town News (The San Diego Union-Tribune)

 With new satellite, Viasat offers 100 megabit speeds to Internet subscribers
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"We really are aiming to provide a service that is close to cable from a quality perspective and from a fee perspective,” said Keven Lippert, Viasat’s president of broadband services. “We are trying to provide that cable-like experience for the tens of millions of DSL customers out there who want higher speeds and a higher quality service.”

Really? Wow, this is the kind of hyperbole that gets them in trouble, it's the kind of PR that was fed during the long wait for VS-2, and it's the kind of over-reach which gets them accused of "straying from the truth" (trying to be diplomatic and not use the "L" word).

Close to cable? Um, no.

Closer to cable than it had been? Closer to cable than their primary competitor? Sure, I can buy that. But "close to cable" <=> reality.
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I would live with a bit slower DSL with no issues.  We could FPS game, have unlimited data at a decent speed and I could download my Netflix just like I do now if it caused any issues.

I also would be only paying 40 bucks a month.  I agree, they are on some kind of high tech crack if they think what seem to be the new plans are anywhere near competitive.  Of course, thinking back, locally DSL has reliable 40 mbps speeds, so I would really be fine with that.  Only reason we don't have it is we aren't local enough.

I just got my first non adjusted Silver plan bill.  179 bucks.  F that.  They ain't even close.
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So J&J tells you to click this.  And everyone does?!!  O.K.  CLICK THIS
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Click this:

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Dang!  I clicked on it.....