Viasat I'm giving you until April 2019 if you don't fix this. I'll have no other choice but to spill some beans otherwise. Heed my warnings!

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As the title of this topic subject says. I'm giving Viasat company until April of 2019 to fix there problems and the Network Policy's. If I do not see anything before April of 2019 Then I will be gladly cancel my services. (So in April 2019 I will be disconnected my services and send the stuff back. So I can use my Jetpack I found long time ago that I got few years ago.) So if Viasat doesn't get this sorted out by April of 2019 and I will cancel services in April 2019 and do the process of shipping stuff back and so on.

Viasat, You'd better heed my warnings as of right now. I will be the one to spill the beans on you guys. If you don't think I'm going to. Then so be it. But I'm giving you guy's a chance to fix your wrongs and I know this company can do good. But you better heed my warnings Viasat! Don't ever underestimate me! I mean it Viasat! I don't want to do this to you. But I will have no other choice but to do it. GOOD DAY!

P.S. Oh yeah. I forgot to say this. Maybe I'll save it for another time.
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  • Heed my warning Viasat! Don't ever underestimate me!

Posted 1 year ago

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What irony!
I used to be a Viasat cynic until I took the advice of various people on this forum and invested in data management tools. Now I am quite satisfied with Viasat. I usually have about 4 gb left over monthly on my 12 gb Liberty 12 plan. I have no need to stream and have enough Netflix/Playon entertainment to keep me happy. The $50/month fee seems ok to me.
On the other hand, it appears some of the vocal staunch Viasat defenders have either jumped ship or are threatening to jump ship.
Given enough time, water eventually will seek its own level.
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They have the information, but will not share it.

I actually understand why...for competitive reasons.
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Sorry I didn't mean to stir things any further. I couldn't tell you because I don't all.  Someone probably has that information but it ain't us.

If you have questions about bills, the new policy change, data, general customer service questions or wanna talk about smart home stuff  I can talk to you all day about that. 
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Good luck, be well!
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As I sit here reading these posts on my mobile phone even though my supposed unlimited plan just renewed just the other day and I can nearly browse internet and streaming is impossible, I found a solution....I'm also streaming from my Verizon Wireless Mobile issues at all...oh yes....viasat....shortly I'll be giving you the old heavhoe and using hotspot permanently because it's cheaper and better quality for your 24 month lock in once I discontinue the payment debit card you use to collect my money and you screwed try to collect the 15 month fee for early termination..
Expect your equipment returned shortly!!!
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Yep, I wish I could follow your lead. 
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Got my letter, bye,bye Viacrap.

from the Bandwidth Usage Policy:
"The Viasat Bandwidth Usage Policy is designed to ensure that Freedom Plan
subscribers receive the full benefit of their service plan."

From the Network Management Policy:
"Network traffic may be prioritized during periods of congestion based
on subscribers’ data usage or potential data usage."

Can you say oxymoron?

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