Viasat 2 Updates!

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Love this blog on Viasat 2!! I'm so curious about it, thanks for keeping us all updated. I am on the Freedom plan and LOVE it so as you can imagine can't wait to get on Viasat 2! Also, your new text service where you can reboot your modem and check data is amazing. Thank for always getting better, I don't mind giving my money to a company that works like that. Thanks again.
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There are many happy and satisfied customers both residential and corporate.  But since these people have nothing to complain about 99% of them or more will never find their way here to tell you about it.  It's only the rest of us geeks and oddballs that while understanding the limitations of satellite Internet we like to share how well it does.

I've been both on Hughesnet as well as Viasat and Exede is much better overall than [at least the older] Hughesnet and I was satisfied with Hughes.  When I found this forum before I got the service I wasn't put off with all the negative talk because I know how it works.  Many here either don't understand the limitation of satellite after having a cable modem or fiber nor do they understand where all their data is going as they were oblivious to it under a more generous ISP setup. 

It's amazing how much the windows operating system sucks up with the every day updates because of the holes in the system as well as all the various microsoft applications like Office that does automatic updates because of the holes in that as well.  Just about every Microsoft application is updating all the time as well as other pieces of software on your system that is set to update automatically. 

I look forward to the new satellite coming into service whether or not I port over to that one.  If I stay on this one the congestion should ease as some subscribers move over and Exede begins to take some off the existing satellite.  In time it will get better.  Some customers of course do have legitimate problems and Exede is willing to help you but you have to jump thru some of their hoops.  I despise the first level of customer service/technical support when people are reading off a script and I probably know more about the system than they do but it is what it is.