Used all data even with modem completely disconnected?

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Every month Exede says I've used my 12GB very quickly. This month I completely shut off my modem... no power at all (I'm currently hooked to a dsl setup). Despite my modem being completely unplugged since late April Exede claims I've used all 12 GB this May. How many other people have been lied to by Exede? Has Exede acknowledge they're stealing? The last time I called them they implied I was completely erroneous. I smell a class-action lawsuit, big time. I'm curious as to else has had this problem.
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Posted 3 years ago

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If your modem has been powered off ever since (and before) your normal reset date, the online usage meter will not be reset because it has to synchronize it's statistics with your modem. Can't do that while it's offline... however once you power on the modem it should synchronize within 15 minutes or so of acquiring signal.  

As far as what's  actually using your data, there are any number of threads here that describe ways you can independently monitor your usage to determine if the Exede usage meter is accurate - in my experience it has been.   
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Any time power is removed from the modem, it is unable to update the data usage. What the Exede meter sees is the last data update prior to the modem being powered down. Once power I restored, the meter can update, normally within 30 minutes of the connection being restored.
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I usually get the notice about 5 days into new billing cycles, that we have used all of our data. How can that be, when no one is using it? I have tried leaving it on, and turning it off. Either way, I get the same results..
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Same for me ,Does not make any sense,they tell me it is my web browsing.It should not give you stress going on you computer.
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same for me,  unplug just the Ethernet aka lan cable (usually blue but possably yellow)from the back of the modem duering a free zone and at a fresh data reset, just leave that cable off but leave modem powered on(so they can not use excuse"it will not update". this has happened to me many times and use another service or public wifi to log into the myexede dashboard to check the useage. but it seems no matter how much proof you give them, it is ALWAYS your "updates" or someone hacked you router" even if you plug directly in with no router. or in most cases nothing even hooked to your network. it will ALWAYS be the customers fault, they will never admit to it being done on their end .and most likely I will be banned, as others have in the past for speaking anything that does not go along with their agenda.
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James, just to add a couple of points:

You are correct is advising to disconnect the Ethernet cable between the router and the modem to insure no data can be used during the period of disconnect  except for one important aspect:

The usage meters are not real time  there is a delay in the modem uploading usage activity to the Gateway and that usage is then correlated and the usage meter and modem is then updated ... there is a period of time needed for this to occur.

You are correct that the modem needs to be powered up for usage data and other 'overhead' communications to be exchanged with the Gateway.

What you may not realize is that a single computer has 65,536 com ports, each of which is capable of making a background connection to your modem and hence will consume data.

If you were to open Windows Task Manager you can see both Programs  (those applications that you know are open) as well as Processes (these are background items that run unseen)

Here we can see 5 Program Applications  running in Task Manager:

Of the 5 applications 4 are capable of and are using data ... data that has yet to be reported in the next 'modem overhead communication burst transmission'.

Now these are the things that we can see and know that are running .... lets dig a little deeper.


The Processes tab of Task Manager shows a whopping 100 Processes running. Of course not all of those are going to be connected to the Internet at a given moment. Some processes connect, do their job and then disconnect ... until next time.

The point here is that these background processes are running unseen, unknown and potentially using data. Data usage that has yet to be uploaded to the Gateway, correlated and reported back to the modem.

There is, at some level, always 'data in motion'. The above is for a single computer directly connected to the modem ... single source if you will.

To get a clearer picture of what is actually running on that single computer  we have to install some type of monitoring software such as the free version of Glasswire.

That will give detailed reports of how much data was used by each program and process and the time of occurrence:

Now lets toss in a Router. The Router will multiple the number of 'connection paths' that exist. This will allow data to be 'in motion' by a number of different devices and pieces of hardware that can even include the router itself. I know that my Asus RT-AC3100 has a number of 'services' that can be enabled that can consume considerable data on its own.

Our single computer looks like this:

Once a router is added things become much more complex:

All of the data from all of the programs (those that we know are running) and processes (those that we don't know are running) are all consuming data and that data is reported to the modem.

If you power off the modem then that data use is not uploaded until the next 'overhead reporting cycle' sometime after the next modem power-up.

If you leave the Modem powered up but instead disconnected the Ethernet cable then that data use info can be uploaded and correlated but there is a delay between 'overhead cycles'

Data is consumed by software and to an extent by hardware. You may not have a clear picture as to the shape and complexity of your 'Network' but ISP's don't "steal" data.

That is not to say there can't be issues related to accounting algorithms, that is not to say there can't be excess usage due to aim/hardware transmission/retransmission failures but those types of things can be proven and repaired.

For the most part ... data usage occurs somewhere within the users network and there are procedures and tools to find those leaks.

There is one further thing to consider:

Your ISP is a supplier of data ... to the modems LAN port. They are not your personal IT/computer repair service.

It is your responsibility to understand the workings of your networked devices and your responsibility to maintain that network.


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i am fully aware of all of this as I have been dealing with computers,networking,ect, since windows 3.1. lol (yes I am old,but not dumb) (yes ALOT has changed but managed to keep up) unless you have some sort of maleware,virus,ect the processes should show up ,with the right things you can also view hidden processes. but once you kill the cord you should not see gigs upon gigs of useage unless you watched videos,streamed,ect right before you unplugged it. unless you have heavily used it right before, 15mins tops for everything to be "caught up" I have personally seen the send and receive go insane after having the cable unplugged for 3+ days .catching up agin? i think not.
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Thanks to Old Labs and Steve for their timely and accurate responses.  I stand corrected.  Earlier I re-hooked up my modem for 10 minutes, which made no difference to my data usage statistic.  But this evening I hooked it up for an hour and it updated to show I've used zero data this month.  So I owe Exede an apology, as at this point I have no concrete evidence of data abuse.  Having said this, last month they told me I used data when no one was home, using an app/service (ITunes streaming) that none of my family owns.  I will continue to observe. 
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No worries Nat!

That's why we have this forum. Steve and Old Labs definitely are correct. That's something that I think is what attributes to sudden spikes in data after someone goes away for a weekend or so. As for managing data are you on our eSVT trial? It gives more detailed breakdowns of data.
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You can also check your usage by accessing your modem page and watch the data exchange in real time. On the left side of the page you'll see the bits of data that have been transmitted separately from the boss received. When everything is normal, your download numbers should be higher than your upload numbers. Roughly, a million bits of data is equal to a little more than 1 GB.
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