UPS on my Exede WiFi Modem?

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Can anyone please tell me if using a UPS has any detrimental effect on my Exede WiFi Modem? I was told by Viasat tech help that installing one would be detrimental ?
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Posted 2 years ago

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That Viasat tech is a matter of fact a UPS will protect the modem from voltage surges and other anomalies caused by power sources.

I've been using one for many, many years with all my computer, modem, router, scanner and printer equipment connected to my UPS...maybe the tech didn't understand what a UPS does...☺☺
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Agreed... never any detrimental affects here with power protection and/or battery backup functions.

However, one caveat and this may be what the tech was referring to... if the UPS has coax surge protection like mine (or even if a surge protector is being used that has coax surge protection) I wouldn't use it to protect the modem's incoming coax - it's hard enough to get a good signal without intoducing yet more signal loss ;) 
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Good point....your right, some UPS models are sold that also protects Ethernet, Coaxial and Phone sure to just use the modem's power connector...the other optional inputs/outputs on a UPS just act like a surge protection but will interfere with your modem's function..I have a separate  surge protector to protect my phone line and TV's coax input..
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No problem with mine on a battery backup. I don't dare have it any other way with the lousy quality of my co-op power. In the last month alone 35 power outages of one minute or longer, 1 under voltage, 15 over voltage and, 78 electrical noise incidents. My electronics would be dead without my battery backup there to deal with all of that. And that doesn't even count the daily power flickers that cut power for just a few seconds.

As Old Labs said, the coax needs to go directly form the dish to the modem, even if your UPS has the capability to protect the coax, don't use it, just use it for power. The cable form the dish should have a grounding block that will protect the modem from anything from the dish and TRIA.
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As all the others have stated. I have run a UPS on my modem and router for over a decade. Better to do that than run the risk of a power spike damaging things.
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As the others have said, I too have been running my modem, router, and desktop on a UPS for many years. The PS provides much cleaner power than the power company can, and protects against the bumps and surges that normally occur. And, the added advantage of still having internet during power failures comes with the deal too.
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Totally agree!  Bev suggested I get a UPS almost 2 years ago and it has done it's job perfectly.
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I keep my modem and wireless router on a battery.  Been doing it that way for over a decade with no problems. 

UPS battery backups are great for low voltage devices.  As long as you don't go crazy and put a printer on it, you will be fine.  

I used to have a larger UPS that powered a desktop computer, but for the last five or so years I have only used laptops.  You don't need a UPS on a laptop since laptops already have their own battery.
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Someone should start a thread to complain about power companies that barely deliver electricity and charge huge rates.  How dare power companies do this to people!
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I have no complaints about ups they seem to get my packages here on time.