Unlimited isn’t really unlimited.

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Unlimited isn’t even really unlimited. They slowed the speed down and now I can’t even watch Netflix. Even though I only have internet hooked up to the tv. For the price of the internet service you would think that satellite would be better than AT&T or spectrum. They charge half of what Viasat does and there is really unlimited
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  • ripped off and sick and tired of not having service

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I'll give you a run down on the unlimited plans:

1: Each of the unlimited plans (Bronze, Silver, Gold) have a 150GB usage threshold, which upon going over you will be placed behind other users who have not went over that threshold that month.  Meaning you will more than likely experience slowed speed, how much slower is beam dependent. 

2: Each of the unlimited plans also have a resolution cap, Bronze is 360p, Silver 480p and Gold is 720p. Though it seems many, including me have issue actually streaming on their plans "optimized" video resolution. I find only a few websites such as Hulu and Crunchyroll actually allow for buffer-free streaming in 480p. Depending on what site you're streaming on, it might have a different video bit rate and it definitely seems like most popular streaming sites such as youtube, twitch, etc.  have their bit rate for 480p higher than what Viasat considers to be the true bit rate for it, while streaming on those sites, particularly on Twitch which does not let you load out you will need to lower your stream quality by a notch for buffer-free viewing.  So, if your Netflix quality is set at or above your unlimited plan's resolution cap, you may need to adjust it.

So, seeing as you've went over the previously mentioned threshold, or at least it sounds like you did by what you said. You will probably not have a great time during prime time, aka when everyone is home from school/work. During the day when most people are out of the house you should experience decent speeds despite being over the threshold though.  I understand like most you may not be at home yourself at said time period, but not much can be done about it.  

I can offer a slight glimmer of hope, in February the new satellite, Viasat-2 should be going live and it is believed that it will have better plans,this is just rumors at the moment as they have not made anything official, but it is very likely they will have better plans considering the new satellite has a little over double the throughput as Viasat-1.  

So, in conclusion to this way too long reply, unless you can get terrestrial internet service in the near future and you're dissatisfied, but still need internet, I would recommend holding out till February to see what Viasat-2 may bring. 
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If you can get Spectrum internet, I can't imagine why you would be wanting to use satellite internet. IMO, satellite is substandard in most every category.

But, if you have no other option, Exede has been pretty good to me. With the new unlimited plan, they removed my biggest pain point which was data caps. And, it is 3 times faster than before. I've seen some complain about running out of data when they were sure they didn't use that much. In my situation, the only device that the ViaSat modem/router sees is my pfSense firewall. All other devices are behind the firewall. Wifi is disabled on the modem/router. I've compared what the firewall sees as data usage and it generally matches what I see in the dashboard.