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3Mbs DSL user here, with fiber option probably 18-24 months off - and need to find a way to get some extra speed until its available.

In my area (Massachusetts), for residential plans all I have/see is the 12Mbps LIberty Plans - 12/25/50 GB plans for 50/75/100 per month and I assume they are all on the 'old' satellite.

For the business plans I see a Business 'Unlimited' 35 Plan that is supposed to give me 35Mbps and 75GB of data (plus static IP address and 'priority connection' during the daytime for $175/month

Should I assume these plans are on the new satellite, and that they would likely perform better than a residential plan? I run my own business from home, so I could order either residential or a business plan - anyone experience the performance of the higher cost business plan over the regular residential plans?

I know I can get out of any contract by paying $15/month x the number of months left, but hate to go thru the hassle if the reviews here (and just about every else on the internet) are representative of the service I should expect.

BTW: I would be adding this to my DSL service, not replacing it, for those times when I need to do VPN and other latency-dependent tasks.

Streaming videos (i.e. Netflix) is very low on my list of requirements, and most days I am done with work (and the need for speed) at 6PM.
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With ViaSat, you can't assume anything.

If all you can get is a 12Mb speed, then that is probably (with a high level of certainty), supplied by the "old" (ViaSat-1) satellite.  I am inclined to think the business plan could be supplied by either of the two satellites.  If your business is your livelihood, then you should only consider the business plan.  The speed priority on the ViaSat network for a business plan is leaps above residential.  Do not expect to see 12 Mb downloads on a regular basis on a residential plan.  However, You will nearly always get your rated speed on the business plan. 

I have read on the ViaSat website, that the unlimited business plan has a data cap and the effect of exceeding that quantity of data within a billing period is a de-prioritization, but only during night hours.  Your speed would not be reduced during the day after exceeding the data cap.  Check the ViaSat website to see the latest conditions of business plans.

I recommend the business plan, based on dependability.
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I researched the business plans heavily based on a possible 'Higher Priority" all I could see in added value was a static Ip and I hefty install price which  you could actually bypass by going residential and then flipping to business as there  would be nothing to install, they claimed it was a Better install with conduit for the 299 fee?  anyway as far as a higher priority when i tried to get it in writing but nothing , they offered easy care as well , lets be clear unless its an SLA in writing there is no higher priority other than someone uttering the words 
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I haven't seen much on if our business plans have shifted to ViaSat-2 just yet. I believe those are on ViaSat-1 at the moment but I would expect us to see those plans on ViaSat-2. Since business is handled by a dedicated department that's something that can be asked if you want more information on the plans
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This is an old thread but I am running the Viasat Business Unlimited 35 plan now. I am currently on the Viasat 1 satellite.  At least for me, daytime speed is as advertised, download runs between 25-45Mbps and upload between 4-5Mbps. After 5:00PM it slows some but overall it works really well as long as you understand that there will be a ~660ms lag for everything. Having said that, I am able to video conference well and reliably on a daily basis and run remote desktop connections with minimal frustration. I manage my data usage closely and have not run over the 75GB soft cap so I can not speak to the performance once deprioritized. 
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A class is 25-30 min. I will gladly let you all know. It will be installed this afternoon. That does seem low like you say more like half a megabit video stream..
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Speed test at 6:55 eastern on Business 35
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Good download, too bad the upload is so low.
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Is it sad I’m happy with that. Better than the .5 I’m normally getting over cellular.
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Update on this. I work in IT so I was curious just how bad the VPN experience would be. While I was able to connect to VPN without issue and browse to files although slower remote control sessions timed out after 2 minutes.