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Ok I'm on viasat1 and Have the silver plan and After I go over 150GB Im throttled to 1mbps in the evening time until my plan starts over! So when beam isnt busy Speeds are normal right? so why not give us a feature to not use priority data in the day time to save on data and then in the evening time when beam is congested we can turn on priority data so speeds are fast! that way we can save on data and not go over 150gb as quick Because after 150gb of data In the evening time I cant do much of anything because Im throttled to sometimes less than 1mbps! just a thought because if speeds are normal when beam isnt congested we should be able to choose to be put behind others and not use our data so we can use it during primetime! Because I dont see my beam being light anytime soon because ppl have no reason to go to viasat2!
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Well that seems like something you could do yourself. Keep an eye on your data and cut back on your usage when you see you are getting close to the 150. That's what I do. 
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Lately, I've started doing most of my data usage during the free zone on Liberty 12. Since doing so, I never use all of my priority data.

Even with my priority data, I sometimes get speeds as low as 1 mbps and sometimes as high as 14 mbps.

If you are still getting 1 mbps during primetime after using 150 gb of data, I'd say you are doing pretty good. You can still stream with 1 mbps.

I wouldn't mind the ability to reduce my speeds 24/7 like you mentioned, in an effort to conserve priority data, but in all honesty I think it would be a nightmare for Viasat to manage such a thing.

Ultimately the best solution is to adjust your usage. A 150 gb plan is nothing to complain about. The newer plans have much less priority data.
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Stephen, did you lose the sled and dogs? If customer were able to throttle themselves it wouldn't be that much coding to keep track of what they did. Add 2 lookups w/in a table array. Don't give 0(zero) speed as an option. Infinite looping to nowhere. Why can't we customers see plans available online?