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So if i'm going to judge what my experience will be over the next two years on todays interaction with customer service then my family and I are very scared. We recently moved to a new location and Viasat was recomended by our satelite tv provider. I had an installation appointment for today and my wife had to step out for a few moments (15m) so I thought I'd call and make sure they were aware of this and so the technician wouldn't leave as it was very important we have the instal done today. While I'm on the phone with a customer service agent I notice on my account that the scheduled appointment is changed to "Schedule an appointment". I asked the agent about this and he began to mumble what ever he was reading which stated they called me to let me know the equipment didn't come in or was incorrect. The agent stated that I didn't pick up the phone however there was not recent missed calls from any number but my wife. The agent could hardly articulate full sentences in order to provided me with any solution other then rescheduling, he was reading out loud what ever information he was looking at to the point where I had to ask him to place "ME" on a brief hold while he researched whatever he was looking into. I politely requested a manager after awhile of being placed on hold again he of course states that the manager is busy and there would be a 15-20 min wait time. I am a manager in a call center and find that to be very unprofessional. I don't like to judge company's or a business soley on reviews because I feel my own experience can be different from others and in a good way. We are a family of five who will be relying on this service to provide our in home internet needs. I want to feel comfortable with knowing I can call if there is an issue and Viasat with work hard to support us anyway they can. As new customers I would have thought this would have been a top priority for the customer service agent, the manager and the technician who didn't directly speak to anyone before cancelling my installation.
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Are you going to proceed with the install? What plan did you get? If you haven't had satellite internet before, I hope you have realistic expectations on what it can provide you.
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I really want to make sure my family is comfortable from an entertainment standpoint so we are going to move forward with this situation and we are going to use the silver plan. We are realistic as we can be for what it will provide us and are just looking for something comparable to what we had. In our previous location we didn't have cable and just used our cellphones which worked just fine.
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Viasat customer service sucks. It likely won't get any better.
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I wanted to make you aware that  you will have to sign a contract before they will actually finish the install . I was told by the salesperson that I could try it out and if I didn't work  or meet my expectations not to sign the contract. That was completely false. Don't be surprised if you have slow speeds during primetime on your first logon. My speeds were very poor but got better the next day and I actually have good speed most of the time. I will suggest that you look in to articles on this site about using play on  for off peak recording of streaming video. Lots of helpful folks on here so make sure you ask about any issues you may be having.
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Thanks for that info, I asked the sales rep if there was a 14 day wfg and she stated no and advised me that they would try to do everything they could if a problem occurred.
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If you live along the West Coast of California between Marin County and a little town known as Morgan Hill in South Santa Clara County, you WILL get excellent Internet service, even during so-called "Prime Time" even on the ViaSat-1 satellite. Anywhere else in the entire country, maybe not.  Customers or potential customers in this same area can subscribe to the ViaSat Platinum Plan of 100Mbps with a 150GB Priority bucket.  This is probably the best ViaSat can do for residential customers in the country.  Parts of Louisiana have some good service locations too on ViaSat-1.  Most of Ohio is a post-apocalyptic wasteland for speed just about anytime, except for one person I know of.

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Be aware Brian that the Silver Plan throttles your streaming speeds to around 1Mbps.  May be an issue for a "Family of five" if several are streaming at the same time.
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If you have a non-satellite internet option for your new address, chances are it's a better option. Don't just take the advice of your satellite tv provider without independently researching your other choices.  Satellite is a provider of last resort, both for cost and performance.
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Brian, do yourself a favor and find a local retailer who sells AND installs Viasat. They'll be able to give you the straight scoop on what to expect in your particular area. 

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Listen to Andy's advice Brian...
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Family of 5 looking for their streaming needs to be serviced through Viasat.

Tough challenge!
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Tis what I was thinking, especially if multiple devices will be streaming at the same time, and with a family of five that may be the case.  

Then again, some areas get fantastic speeds, even during the peak usage period(s). 

Hopefully they can find a local dealer, like Andy suggested.  
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Five people? Streaming? Satellite internet? We may be seeing Brian ranting here about two days after the install.

Even if he lucks out and is one of the areas that runs well in prime time, how long is his regular data going to last? A day or two?
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Better kick everyone out of the house and get some cats.