This service sucks!

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This service sucks! Fix it! Now! I can barely upload this post!
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michelle leney

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Posted 2 years ago

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You do realize this is primetime? What plan are you on?
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Im on the old bird streaming ufc. Stephan ill surely complain in a week when it doesn't want to work for me!
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You provide little information for anyone to actually help Michelle. What is your package and what modem do you have? Like do you have the wifi modem? If you have the Liberty plan you can expect below 1mbs during peak hours. If not, even though this is a crappy service, assume a hardware fault and just do some basic troubleshooting like pulling power to the modem for 60 seconds. If you have your own router pull power from it as well. Plug it back in and see how that works.
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F Tech

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People dont seem to understand something. Consumers constantly blame Viast or whomever for their technical issues. As a former tech for almost 20 years in Satellite, Cable and Phone, Most problems start with the installation of the job. These companies contract out to 3rd party HSPs. They hire shady and sometimes very unskilled techs. These techs throw these installs in and then whether its 3 months or 6 month, then there is a problem. I have satellite internet and have NEVER had an issue. Reason is my wiring is proper, satellite is peaked in about as perfect as it can get and I take care of my network. Do these things and you should hardly ever have an issue unless its network congestion. That, your screwed. I even have very little rain fade. Usually a blip in service and its back up. I dont know the physical layout of your service but saying "This service sucks!
This service sucks! Fix it! Now! I can barely upload this post!" Tells the techs absolutely nothing. Troubleshooting sometimes starts with customers being cooperative.
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And a shoddy installation has absolutely nothing to do with many, and maybe even the majority, of the recent speed complaints.  
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F Tech

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I take it from the number of comments, A. you either work for them or be a Super Customer who just likes to sit online all day Copy pasting answers....
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The greatest install in the world isn't going to counteract congestion or throttling. That is what most people suffer from. It is also all about, location, location, location. Some areas don't get a good signal, whether it be satellite or cell wireless. I do agree with sloppy installs. That is going to happen when 3rd party techs get a flat fee. I had 3 tech visits after my install they all said they were paid $80. One guy had drove over 40 miles to get to me.
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F Tech

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I understand throttling will cause issues. Ive worked in the industry for about 20 years field service and reports have shown 75% of issues start with the install. Thats a fact. 

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So how many tech visits should it take to get a good install and dish alignment? Since I had a half dozen over the course of a half dozen years with Viasat I figured one of them should have got it right. I figured I was just in a bad spot for the service, the dead spot on beam 329 or whatever it was. Zip code 22501, Ladysmith Va for the record. I fled for Red wireless over a year ago, it isn't great but better.

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