The worst company that exists

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Worst service and customer service.
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Viasat has shown me that they’re nothing but scammers.

While setting up internet service, I was extremely clear about what I needed, how much internet I used, etc. the sales person was pleasant and explained the plans to me. I liked the idea that I could switch easily from one to another if I needed to, and he assured me the internet speeds would be perfect for what I do. The problem is, he didn’t mention the fact that data is included in the plans at all.

Fast forward to setting up the equipment, it took me about 5 phone calls just to set up an appointment for them to come set up the satellite. They kept telling me that I lived in an apartment and they couldn’t do it. (I don’t, I live in a stand-alone building with a rooftop, which we were able to finally put the satellite on after calling multiple times.) when the service provider showed up, he didn’t have any tools, the satellite, nothing. He told me he was coming to make sure I was right about the building and that it wasn’t an apartment. (?) I confirmed it 5 times on the phone. Ridiculous. He then told me that he could go get the equipment and come back, but it would take 2 hours and he needed me to pay him another $150 on top of the $300 for the set up. Instead of adding it on to my bill like any company would do, he made me send money to his personal cash app. Sketchy. He set up the internet and went on his way.

It worked for about a week. Then just completely quit having internet connection. Upon calling to troubleshoot, I was then told about the data limits. They claim speeds “slow down” but that’s not true. They completely do not work once you run out. Easy fix right just bump up to the next plan. This fixed the issue momentarily but soon ran out of data again. Bumped up again. Repeat once more until I’m paying for the $250 highest speed and data plan they offer. Problem is, I was still running out of data within the first 2 weeks, and then completely out of internet service for the rest of the month. (Not only do I also live alone, but only had an iPhone, iPad, and 2 TVs connected.) never in any world should internet be that expensive, and not work.

So I call again. By this time I am 4 months in. Gave it plenty of time to work out any kinks. I tell them my issue and they just keep pulling the “can you turn your router off and back on” like I’m not smart enough to have already tried that myself after all this frustration. Eventually we both realize troubleshooting will not fix my issues and they transfer me to a higher up agent to help. I tell her my issues (had to spend 3 hours on the phone) and she basically tells me that it’s the highest plan they offer, and there’s nothing that can be done. I tell her that $250 is entirely too expensive to only have internet half the month. She suggests I put in requests for prorated prices, refunding me for the time I’m unable to use it. I say great, but what can we do about the plan? How can we make sure I have internet the full month? She says there’s nothing she can do about that and suggested that if I wanted to have higher data/a plan without data, to cancel and find a new company. So I agree. We put in a request to refund the amount of time I wasn’t able to use the service (per her recommendation) and also put in requests to refund the $150 strange amount the service provider had me pay, as well as the $300 deposit. She tells me it’ll take a few days to approve.

I call again a few days later. She immediately did not approve any of my refund requests. This company is a joke and unless you want to pay over $1500 for 3 months of not being able to use the internet. Don’t sign up.
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Oh, and a monthly fee for the equipment as well.
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That's the sketchiest installer I've ever heard of.  
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What plan costs that much? Was it a business plan?

They certainly are not going to refund any money that easily.

Unfortunately you found out the hard way that "unlimited" really isn't You get a paltry amount of priority data (at best half the amount of data the average household uses in a month).

As far as the installer wanting extra. Word to others, trust tell them politely no, they can leave, and let them know you are going to report them too.
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but only had an iPhone, iPad, and 2 TVs connected.)

No wonder you're out of data in a week. The salesman that told you could hook all that up and be happy is as shady as the installer. Satellite internet is not for cord cutters. Find another TV provider eg Dish or DirecTV and drop your plan back to a cheaper one.

Since you prepaid for install, you're free to terminate without penalty. Find that provider w truly unlimited to run only had an iPhone, iPad, and 2 TVs connected.)
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A little research on your own would have prevented believing in a salesman who definitely sold you a truckload of BS.