Thank you but, I think it's a mistake.

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I seem to have inherited a free 5 GB of data somehow. My plan shows as correct but, all of the meters have given me an extra 5 GB of data. I'm concerned that other plans are doing this as well. It may be related to the usage categorization problem with my SAN (RKS) or, the fixes needed for the meter but, it might be a simple error as well.

Not that I object to the free 5 GB but, something doesn't look right. What's going on? I anyone else seeing this.

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Posted 1 year ago

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Maybe it's a perk for being a Champion?  I would vote for champions to get that every month.
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Bev, it could be that since they have been having issues with the usage meter that they are giving customers extra free data because it is hard for customers to gauge their usage with no meter. Exede is very good at doing the right thing.

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Mine was out for days and I received nothing extra.
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gratz to you :)

"Sorry, information not available. Refresh the page or try again later."

been this message for days here.
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Mine was like that for days, and RKS has been calling all usage "Communication" with rare tiny blips of "Other Traffic" and "Web Browsing." Totals are right, just not the what for part.

I would not think it because of the error for some customers on the Portal, usage is still available via EasyChat or SMS - both of those work fine, even if the Portal shows the error message.

I'd vote for an extra 5GB per month for champions but, then, that would be compensation with a monetary value. We wouldn't be just good hearted volunteers anymore. Not that I mind, I'll follow the rules and help where I can regardless.
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Think of it as offsetting data used here to help others.  After all, the data you use here does count against your monthly usage. A small returned amount of data would not be compensation, more like balancing the books for data expended at the Exede site where your contributions benefit Exede and it's customers.  A flat amount of data would not have a monetary value if it was a data offset return, sort of like a refund.
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A less classy lady would have taken the extra data and not even mentioned it. Your reputation has just gone up considerably in my book.