Test Trial of Unlimited Gold Plan Before Signing 2 Year Contract

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The only way I'm willing to upgrade to the unlimited gold plan and pay $150 - $200 a month is if it will provide sufficient speed and data for us to stream all our media and eliminate my Directv bill. I'm very skeptical this will be possible with the 100 GB de-prioritized limit. If we streamed all of our media I'm thinking we would blow by that limit in no time. I would love to have the opportunity to have a 2 month test trial of the unlimited gold plan so I could see if it would work for my household, but of course viasat shot that down and said I would have to sign a 2 year contract. There's no way I want to get stuck in a 2 year $200 a month contract for something that I have doubts will be worth it. So, I'm turning to the masses to see what you think. We have 3 tv's in our house that we would stream things like Netflix on, a laptop for some occasional work, we don't do any serious gaming, and our phones have unlimited data so we could keep the wifi turned off on them. Do you think the Unlimited Gold Plan would be able to serve us well enough that we wouldn't have any speed or data issues while streaming all the video we want? 
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I don't care what anybody tells you....satellite internet is NOT the avenue to use if you want to "cut the cord". I've had customers try it. 

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No way would a 100 gb allotment be sufficient for you needs. You would need 250 - 500 gb to stream everything you would want. I don't buy in to those folks that tell you to watch your TV in SD, that is total bunk as a cover for a marginal ISP at best. Whoever watches TV in SD must be watching it on a 13" screen where it doesn't make a difference. You will burn through 100 gb easily in 10-12 days in my opinion.
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You don’t need a trial. Everyone here will tell you it won’t work.
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I'd have to agree with Andy.

We have plans that can compliment streaming along with regular cable (ie using it for a few on demand episodes, online series and movies) but as for full on cord-cutting to replace your DirecTV viewing, I think the experience may be frustrating.

 Streaming unfortunately uses so much data already and while everyone has a definition of what they consider average TV viewing, even minimal streaming split between all those devices will use a lot of your data. 

Unfortunately due to the high cost of installation we do not offer any trial periods. 
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I have to agree, no Viasat plans, any of them, are not for cord cutting. What it is is a great option for those that can only get dial up or cannot get any other internet service and, are willing to learn data management and have a TV service like Dish or DirecTV, or simply don't want to watch more than a couple of hours a week of any video.
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From a nobody that knows nothing, I agree.

Geez, I wish I could get dial-up.
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I stream about 40 hours a month. I could do about 80 on my Freedom plan without degrading off HD video. But I watch many more hours (mostly sports) on Directv. No way I could stream 100% of my viewing. But people say "unlimited" and ask, why can't I?

The way Viasat advertises and markets plans does not help the sitiation.
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if you have a choice, I would not do it. with that many TV's I think you will be very frustrated by the results. Viasat  speed and data cap will be a hindrance. I was recently told by a viasat employee that my bronze plan was only enough data  to run a cell phone and a tablet. wish I have known that before I signed up.
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Get yourself an OTA antenna for TV, it's free. Open a Netflix DVD rental account for movies and such. Use your internet service for just what it is, internet. Much cheaper this way, besides there is nothing on TV that's worth watching anyway.
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That assumes you can receive channels over the air. I get exactly zero channels over the air where I live.
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Same, no channels.  However I do have Directv.  Every year or two I threaten to cancel, every time they give a discount.  Last November, $80 off for 12 months, best discount ever, and it would have worked on any plan I chose.  I think I could have talked them into free HBO or something too, but I didn't try (don't watch much tv and no sports myself).