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Theoretically if you had your Exede dish mounted on a RV what would happen if you moved out of one spot beam to another as you travelled across the country? Would you have to register your modem with each move with the service provider as you have to in the UK and pay a fee. Does Exede provide a similar service to Newsspotter also provide by Viasat in Europe whereby you pay by the hour with guaranteed bandwith and speed ?
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I don't know about News Spotters but, if you move to a new address, you have to disconnect your old service and start a new account at the new address so, on an RV that would mean a new install BY AN INSTALLER every time you moved the RV.

The modem has to be provisioned for it's beam and location so, Exede is for stationary installs only.
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Your modem is provisioned to a certain spot beam and your installer aligns it to that beam...actually you wouldn't have to move to a new spot beam location to lose modem connection....moving a short distance within your current spot beam would require a dish my knowledge there is no auto-alignment equipment available to do this and to realign your dish requires an authorized dealer or installer to enter special keys to enable the alignment process.

So, if you move to a different beam you would still require the alignment process noted above, and nothing says your current plan is available in the new beam....different beams have different plans available, based mainly on how many customers are already on that beam...

There are no Exede options or plans to allow a "roving" account....your account is tied to a fixed location and spot beam..
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Many thanks to Bev and wm4bama 

The following may be of interest KA system used in Europe uses virtually identical equipment to your own. In fact they are produced by the same company VIASAT . 

There are self seeking units available one particular name stands out and that is Dawson .Their controllers are aimed at the news gathering market and cost form about £13,000 Sterling. These systems have an account with Newsspotter which allows them to roam freely within Europe.

The other system is for the domestic market ( homes) and obviously they are normally fixed to one spot . However if you move you can sort out pointing the dish yourself if you feel up to it and all it takes is a phone call to get switch to another spot beam.

The satellite can acquire manually if you first know the elevation and them pan slowly left and right. I'll put money on it that your TRIA bleeps as do ours when it starts getting a signal from the bird as this video shows.

I could not afford the £13,000 for a Dawson but after carefully measuring the dish to TRIA  relationship I employed to CAD designed to come up with the attached mode to a Motosat. By moving the motors very slowly the satellite can normally be found within five minutes . Tooway produce an Iphone App that makes it easier to know  where you should point the dish..

Tooway has been available in Europe for some time and there are numerous spot beams.
 I noted you cannot get a quote on price before entering your Zip code.I wonder if at the moment the number of spot beams is limited and hence the restrictions .

Thank you so much for your response