Something's terribly wrong with Viasat in so many ways, and it's only been 18 hours since I joined.

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18 hours on board and already 15.3 GB usage!? And more than half of the time it was night and I was sleeping.

I can't even AUDIO stream without constant buffering

Down throttling of youtube unbearable. I am coming from a 'service' of 1.5 mb with a different company  and switching to 'unlimited' (hahaha hahahahaha hahahaha, ROFL) 12 mb bronze plan. With my old provider I could stream youtube at 720HD, albeit with interruptions, with Viasat that doesn't work at all any more. Ok, i thought, I will download the news, downloading speed should be ok. No, it isn't.  Throttled to max of 66kb. FYI, I keep Verizon as backup, they downloaded same youtube newscast with 1200 kb, that's almost 20 times as fast!

Let me get this straight: I paid $ 45 for the other 1.5 mb service, could audio stream my favorite radio station as I have done for 15 years. Now I am paying $ 130 including taxes with Viasat but can't even audio stream?! Even though download speed clocks in at 15 mb, it doesn't feel faster than the old 1.5 I had for a third of the price. There is a lot of throttling going on here. And something smells very fishy.

Verizon lets me see exactly when and how much I used my data. With viasat I am in the dark - all I know is that I DID NOT USE 15 gigs in about 9 hours of usage!

Within the first 24 hours of connecting with Viasat I am ready to throw the towel, and pay the penalty to get out and run away from them as fast and far away as possible. I live in an area that is completely off the grid, 40 acres parcels. Extending for miles and miles. I have about 200 neighbors, we are a small extended community and, we all know each other and get together once a month. I already got a couple of calls  from some of them, asking how my new service with Viasat is. I am the guinea pig here. I told them under no circumstances to switch from Hughes Net, that the term "unlimited" is a marketing gimmick by Viasat attached to plans because of the stigma of the hard caps satellite internet service has. And that Viasat has been 'wordsmithing' the term 'unlimted'. 
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