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First of all, I would like to thank Viasat for 13+ years of reliable satellite internet service. While there have been times I have been severely frustrated with the service, it was the best option for internet I had for many, many years. I would also like to thank Viasat for changing the terms of how my plan (Freedom) worked. If not for that corporate decision, I would not have sought out alternative internet providers available to me. I have said it before, and I will say it again, while Viasat was within their right to change how the plan worked doesn't mean they should have exercised that right. They could have made modifications to the 150GB plans without taking such draconian measures. But they did. So now, someone who has used satellite internet for over 20+ years will no longer be using it. It is customers like me who Viasat should be very concerned about losing, but apparently, based on their decisions over the last few months in respect to plan changes, they are not.

So as some of you know, I am a user of satellite internet since pretty much its inception (1996). In the late 90's it was great. I was getting great speeds (for the time) and at first there wasn't even data caps. This slowly changed in the early 2000's, and ultimately I dropped Hughesnet for Wildblue (Viasat). Wildblue offered me 17GB down and 5GB up of data in a rolling 30 days. I got along fine with that, but eventually data needs increased to the point that more was needed. Viasat-1 was being launched and we all had high hopes for it. In the beginning Viasat offered a woefully small 7.5GB of data/month (up and down combined) and no free zone. At that time I was ready to switch back to Hughesnet. But then they created the 10GB/month plan and the 5 hour free zone. That got me to stay and actually Hughesnet eliminated the free zone. That "Classic 10" plan served me well for many years. Then in late 2017 I was fortunate enough to be offered the 150GB Freedom plan. That was great, no longer having to queue up stuff late at night and plenty of data for me to use. The speeds were never that great for me ever on Viasat-1, but I got by.

Like a few others on here, I had high hopes for Viasat-2. I was even fortunate enough in the summer of 2017 to get a "peak behind the curtain" of what was coming. It all looked and sounded great. But then in late 2017, early 2018 something wasn't adding up. The plans didn't match what I was expecting to see, and the nationwide 25Mbps announced even on a Tweet from Viasat never materialized. While Viasat's official stance might be the problems with Viasat-2 were minor, I personally believe the problems are far worse than will ever be shared with the public. A $180+ million insurance settlement due to lost revenue also suggests there was more than just a minor issue with the satellite.

Then came early 2019. In Viasat's infinite wisdom, they unilaterally changed how the 150GB "unlimited" and Freedom plans worked. You could experience slowdowns no matter how much data you used in a month. And talk about slowdowns. It was not uncommon for me to get speeds below 300kbps during primetime at times in February! These type of speeds were no better than what I saw on Hughesnet in the late 90's, yet this was 2019! Sure, I could change my plan to "maybe" get better speeds. But why would I pay more money to get less than what I had? I don't think so. Nor do I want to pay more money to a company who has treated a segment of their customers this way. It just feels like the wrong thing to do.

So after a month of testing, I have decided to move to a Verizon prepaid "unlimited" plan for $70/month. I had a few bumbs geting all the kinks worked out, but I now have a stable system that can deliver me at least 7 or 8Mbps during primetime with low latency and no buffering while streaming. One doesn't realize how bad the latency is on satellite internet until you switch to a different internet platform. It is like night and day and really makes a difference. I have had Viasat turned off since March 3rd, and for the last 3 weeks I have been able to do everything I did with Viasat, but faster. So staring next month, I will no longer be a consumer of Viasat. Is Verizon a good, long-term answer? I have no idea. If it doesn't work, I can install Hughesnet. Or maybe by then Viasat will offer better plan options in my area (I can't get a Liberty plan in my area for instance).

I wish everybody on this forum the best with whatever internet they decide on. I can only relate what I have found works best for me. Others may find something different works better for them, whether it be wireless, DSL, Hughesnet, or Viasat. But i do urge everybody to look at what options you may have. Don't assume Viasat is the best thing you can get. It may be, but then again it might not be. 


In closing...

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good night

I hate to go and leave this pretty site

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, adieu

Adieu, adieu, to yieu (satellite internet users) and yieu (fellow posters) and yieu (Viasat)

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Posted 8 months ago

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We will miss your expertise and opinions and suggestions. The history you relate is nearly identical to mine. I started with Satellite ISP in 2000, with Hughesnet.  As soon as I can get someone to put the antenna on the house and see if I can get the Verizon jetpack option to be a reality, I also will be leaving Viasat. My neighbor is looking for internet and I cannot recommend Viasat. They are are holding off until I can work out the Verizon option.
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Bravo!!!  Well said!!  It would be interesting to know just how many people have or are contemplating switching to the Verizon prepaid plan.  Please don't abandon us here, stay around and keep Viasat on it toes!
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Sorry to see you go, but I can fully understand why you chose to try another ISP. I too am very disappointed in the changes Viasat made, my Freedom plan worked well for me until the changes were made to the 150GB plans, basically making them useless. With 2GB used of my 150GB Freedom plan, my speeds were throttled to 1 Mbps or less in the daytime, and less than 800 Kbps during prime time. I am currently testing with the Verizon prepaid unlimited plan, and if it continues to work well in the next few months, I will be dropping my Viasat service that I have had since April 2012, and Wildblue from 2008 until 2012. 
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I will miss your comments. You helped me with PlayOn. Sad that the knowledgeable contributors are leaving. You, Old Labs, Andy Schack, and others.
It is ironic that my posts last year were to complain and now I am one of the happy ones.
The only constant is change.
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What plan are you on and how much priority data have you used for your current billing cycle?
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If you are asking me, then I am on the Liberty 12 plan. Once again, I will have about 4 GB left over at the end of my cycle. This has been typical of my situation since I made adjustments partly due to advice on this forum. The most important of these were a new router and Glasswire so I could finally see where and when the data were being consumed. I now go the entire month without throttling. I also believe my beam has become less congested due to people leaving Viasat.
I use PlayOn sparingly but it meets my meager needs.

Thanks for reminding me of my good fortune. I am now going to celebrate this good fortune with a five ounce shot of single malt scotch and an Arturo Fuente OpusX cigar. Life is good.
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Good gracious. "Cigar Aficionado" magazine rates the entire line of OpusX cigars to be the best ever made. There is a waiting list to get them. Most people cannot even get them. I am one of those. Any cigar of the OpusX line cost more than he is paying for then entire month of Viasat.
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Well then. Maybe Viasat is not so expensive after all, if one cigar can cost as much or more than a month of Viasat service.
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Farewell,  VeteranSatUser, Champion,

You were one of the few who understands you never know who you're talking to on the Internet and I deeply respect you for that.  

I hope your Verizon system serves you well and you are able to enjoy the "5G" technology when it becomes available in your area. 

I am dumping ViaSat myself but I am uncertain exactly when that will occur as it will be a planned signal of sorts to others that will be dumping their collective interest in ViaSat as well.

I also appreciate ViaSat's strong-arm tactics concerning the Freedom and some unlimited plans, how that made us look around for what else we could do to be rid of such a gangster-style company.  I don't use the Internet all that much but the service provided by Cruzio Internet of Santa Cruz really opened my eyes to what a crap company ViaSat actually is, so I subscribed to a wireless plan with them.

I do hope you will stay in contact with a few of us that would actually like to converse with you in matters other than ViaSat.  Deku has her Discord server that is really slick and I'm certain she'd enjoy hearing from you sometimes, and so would I.

Good Luck in all you do and...
Fare thee well,
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@ Stephen Rice

He's on this plan

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Thank you, Vetsat. You’ve unselfishly helped many of us work on internet problems, making our internet experience much more understandable. I’ve enjoyed your information, made me feel I had someone “watching my back” that knows what he’s talking about. Best wishes to you, many of us will follow your lead. You will be missed, please stop in once in a while to say how your new service is going for you. You’ve made this forum mean something to many of us. Thanks again.
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Don’t let this distract you from the fact that The Breakfast Club had detention 35 years ago today.
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What jet pack are all of you using? Any time I’ve attempted to use Verizon the constant disconnects made it impossible to use as a primary solution. I had to restart the hot spot AKA jet pack AKA router a dozen times some days. And the reviews of these jet packs on Verizon’s own website largely said others had the same issues.
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6620L - Both units work is a backup.  There has been a number of firmware/etc updates...but to my awareness, this issue is history now. 

Pepwave Surf SOHO is a fine router at $200.00 (Professional-Grade Router for Power Users)

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As good as Verizon is, you haven’t lived until you have experienced true internet.

All kidding aside, I wish you the best.

One day this will all be a bad dream for everyone.
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"One day this will all be a bad dream for everyone". Unlikely. Those of us who truly live in the boonies will be living the dream of crappy internet forever.

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