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We have been experiencing slow speeds for the last 6 weeks. By slow I mean 0.25 download speed (from It does not improve during free zone time.
I have shut everything down disconnected cables to modem, waited 2 minutes, hooked cables up, powered modem, powered router after 3 solid lights, then powered computer. 

I tried removing router from the chain and reboot again. No change. We have multiple computers all have the same issue. Tried clearing cache and cookies. Tried multiple browsers. 

Viewing my Rx SNR is 8.9. Everything is green and connection reads good.

Tried chat for help. They took my phone number, made me run through their reset checklist again. No change. Then they reset the modem from their end. Apparently everything looked good on their end so they hung up. Nothing was different on my end.

Emailed my problem. They responded by closing my ticket and told me to call. One would think they would forward the email to support especially given the issue was previously reported and not resolved.

Called in twice. First time after running through the checklist again, I was put on hold waiting for 2nd tier support. After holding several minutes I was disconnected. The second time I got a lady who said she could see everything looked good on our end. She told me the only thing she could suggest is have a technician come out and check our setup. 

The tech called before coming out and said he ran a speed test and he is pretty sure there is no problem on our end but he would check and once that was done he could call in and have them check on Exede's end. 

Of course as expected everything is good on our end. The tech was on the phone with his support for over an hour. They kept putting him on hold and finally disconnected. The tech waited for them to call back but they never did. So now I have to pay a monthly fee to cover the tech visit and still don't have speed.

At this point I decided to wait until our new billing cycle (May 24th) started to see if the problem fixed itself. Nope. 

Our neighbors have the same service on the same beam and they are not having problems. This is an account specific issue. The slow speeds began in April when we were throttled for using all our data - guilty, but speed has not returned. 

From reading the forum posts I am wondering if some or all the issue is the web accelerator on your end? Point is this is almost certainly a software glitch on your end. We are so throttled Facebook and forum pictures often won't load. 

Kind of feeling like once this is resolved Exede owes us a free month. Just saying.

I know this isn't your fault but please help us get in touch with the proper people to solve these slow speeds.  
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Red Shirt

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Posted 4 years ago

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You sound like perhaps the most patient person I have ever heard on this forum.  I believe you will live long and prosper.  

Hope your issue gets resolved!  
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Red Shirt

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Thanks. Figured I should attempt Kolinahr first. The wrath of Kahn might come later :)
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Red Shirt, send an email to the moderators at describing the problem you are having. Something is definitely not right. Be sure to include your account  number and phone number in the email, but do not post it in this forum, as this is a public forum not tied to your Exede account and is available to anyone with internet access. 
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Do you use WiFi at home? One of my computers was running very slow online, other one and speed tests, modem page, etc... all said everything was fine. Turns out it was the wifi adapter in the slow computer. I disabled the internal one and got an external for it and, it was fine again.

Might want to see if it's your computer, could be the Ethernet card if you are wired, especially since the tech said everything was good.
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To me it sounds like your account might be stuck in throttled mode.  Probably an easy fix once you can get the right person to look into it.  Send the email and see if that gets you anywhere.  Do an online Chat and request escalation of the issue.  I find the Chat reps are better prepared to carry the issue to a resolution or at least escalate or get the answers to the questions.
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Hi Red Shirt,  Please let us take a look at your account so we can figure out what is causing your slow speed.  There cound be a number of reason.  I'm not sure where you sent the first email. Send us an email to or call 855-463-9333 and speak to Exede Customer Service. Thanks.
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Red Shirt

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The first email was to and not your department. Then I posted here. Steve recommended I contact exedelistens so I set an email with the above post. I have heard from a Lindsey at Exede. The engineers could not reboot my modem and suggested a tech visit. Please have them try again - we had a heavy rainstorm move through this afternoon and we had no internet or satellite TV (great timing). A tech visit will only show what we already know from the last onsite tech.
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Sound like you aren't too far form me. Been heavy storms at one time or another all week. Not a good week to be troubleshooting Exede but, if it has to be done, and you are south central US, have them try in the morning, before these storms build up too much for the day.

Mine's been slower (7 to 8Mbps vs the 12 to 17 I normally have) this week but, that's weather, even when it isn't raining there have been fairly thick clouds all week except for a few hours here and there.
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I have had problems with my excede, the same also a laundry list full of more.  I tried calling, they said everything was ok, asked me if I had other problems, I told them my list, they said it was my computer.  I put it in the shop, they said nothing was wrong, (wasted $ 49.00) called back with the same concerns. Excede even charged me and said I was visiting "Social Sites" when my computer was in the shop. I have problems with being able to get online, once I get online, all the lights on my router go crazy, lose connection and stays off for hours everyday. And don't let 1 drop of rain fall, my computer is down again. Their fix for the problem is unplug the router, start all over again, I do this several times a day, everyday. This is a inconvenience for what I pay.  This has been going on  for the entire time period I have had it.  Customer Service is a laugh, this blog is also a laugh.  I only have 6 months to go and will jump for joy to get rid of this trash.  I don't even call anymore, or email, no one responds
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Slow speeds are a big turn off for me. Really can't stand bad speeds.
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