Unauthorized iPhone on my WiFi

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After using the eSVT page for in-dept review of usage (nice!)  I left a comment about the site with observations (as requested) and about noticed unauthorized usage.  They seemed to try to help at 1st then suddenly closed claim and blew me off.  

Bottom line, it showed usage for an iphone and Linus system that I don't have and know for a fact (now for sure) that no one is leeching off my WiFi.  I can't be hacked if everything's off, right?  Then they send a commercial for buying a service plan??  Oh please......

Here's the email chain of details for the issue (bottom-up timeline):
Hello Ken,
I'm following up on your recent request for help from our online
support center. Please find a summary of your request and my response
I am sorry
for the trouble you are having with devices connecting to your network without
your approval. Unfortunately we are not able to restrict access by a specific
device, you can call our technical support team at 1-855-463-9333 and request to
speak with our Exede Experts who can help you change the router password again
to a more secure password.

If you need further help, please contact us at
1-855-463-9333 or online at: https://help.exede.net

Thank you for
contacting Exede Internet Customer Care. We appreciate your business. Have a
great day!

Don't forget you can always monitor your usage, change your
plan and view your billing online at https://my.exede.net

we now offer EasyCare is an extra level of support for your internet service
that costs only $5.99/mo. Please visit
to learn more.

RE: Case # 00755409 [ ref:_00D70K0Rw._500701auVim:ref ]

(was told
to wait for results - here they are along with the full case thread)

looks like the iphone and Linux system (also don't have) are still showing now
from 4/6-4/24. All passwords for both router web access and the 2.4GHz and 5GHz
PSK settings were changed. They have been verified by needing to reenter them on
all devices I use. (3-Androids, 1-win XP and 1-win7).

Please find and
eliminate the source of these as I have noticed a faster data usage than I
normally show this month. In fact, I might for the 1st time run out early this
month...... As I mentioned, no one is close enough to me to be using my wifi so
it must be at your end.

At 04:44 PM 4/20/2016, you
Unfortunately we can't see if and how much this iphone used. All we
can see is if like a "surprise" data category pops up (like iTunes store or
Netflix if you aren't on it) otherwise we'll see if the phone disappears now
that you changed your password

--------------- Original Message
From: Ken -------------------------
Sent: 4/20/2016 11:46
To: customercare@viasat.com
Subject: Re: Case # 00755409 regarding your
Exede Account [ ]

Hi Brad, thanks for the quick reply. The iphone use
record must be a mistake since my WIFI can barely reach across the house. I'm
retired, don't have visitors, live on a 3 acre farm and am not close enough to
any neighbors to have them get access. I did a walk around the house to test and
get nothing.

I could maybe see a meter reader once in that time frame
being close enough to the house to access it but it would only be for a minute
as my dog alerts me of his presence and he's always right in and out. Also, if
I'm gone from the house, I turn off the router.

To be safe I changed the
password on my router but can you please check for any mistakes in your data
record? If it's not wrong, can you maybe dig up more details of exact times and
days for me? I hate mysteries. :)

Thanks much,
Ken ------
04:59 PM 4/19/2016, you wrote:


Thank you for contacting us. I also show the iphone and it
appears to have been first seen this past month and last seen Saturday. Unless
this is a guest that you or someone in your home provided wifi to, you'll
probably want to change your router/wifi password because you're being leeched
off of.

Thank you for choosing ViaSat, provider of Exede and Wildblue
internet services, as your internet provider. We appreciate your


Exede Brad
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--------------- Original Message ---------------
Ken -----------------------
Sent: 4/19/2016 12:32 PM
Subject: myeSVT : esvt comments and question Customer
Sentiment: Happy

Very happy with the esvt site. It's got everything I
could want as to info on my internet use. I did notice something odd however. It
states in the network page that for a period of time (4/6 - 4/16) that I was
using iOS 7.1 - iphone on my router. I don't have any iphones and after checking
with what hardware uses iOS 7, see iTV as well as iphone (& Linux) but don't
use those either. I have password protected WIFI and only use PC's with Chrome
and Android smartphones and tablet also running Chrome. Do have an Amazon
Firestick but it's an Android OS also. Am I being hacked? Thanks!

Thank you for choosing ViaSat, provider of Exede and
Wildblue internet services, as your internet provider.   We appreciate your
If you need anything else, please create a new request from
our  Contact Us
page.  I hope
this answers all your questions — thanks for giving us the opportunity to assist
Julie P
Exede Customer Care
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"Derived Device" and "Derived O/S" are the keys here.

Offhand it would appear an educated guess is being made based upon the user agent string passed along by applications on requests. Different applications use different user agent strings.

For example with Firefox, I frequently utilize the User Agent Switcher Add-On and switch to a mobile device user agent string in order to conserve bandwidth when in a pinch for usage (by forcing web sites to serve up lower data impact mobile versions of their sites -  I'm also finding it a to be a more clutter free experience on many web sites - also used it in the past when developing web sites to ensure browser compatibility).

If I had access to eSVT (can't access since NRTC subscriber) I would likely show iPhone, Windows Phone, Nokia, and various Android devices accessing my connection at various times despite never having owned any of them.

ViaSat (as well as web sites) can only guess what devices/applications are actually accessing the connection by peeking at the user agent strings.