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Your going to tell me that i have fought all weekend with trying top do something on my computer ? that is takes 94 mins to get a webpage to open ?  I am so frustrated right now with your service that we are supose to have and don't have, tired of the same answers all the time, Oh it's an outage from one person for 4 days I got that, then one says Oh we haven't had any outages.  You ask how I am connected, I have connected thru the router YOU sent me direct via ethernet to a desktop computer. No wireless anything, the printer is connected via usb.  I get same answers all the time, you want me to upgrade to a package with more data. I am paying you $91 a month now for 12 gig that lasts 2 days.  I am senior citizen (71) and on Temporary disablity and YOU want me to pay more ?  I don't feel that any of us that are using your services is getting what we are paying for, what we are promised, You contracted to us to give us good service.  Actually we aren't getting any service.   I call everyday asking, I call everynight asking why can't  I connect ? why is the internet down ?  You treat us like we have no other options, but we do. I will never refer your service to anyone anymore.....  not when I get this treatment and others I see getting the same crap from you all.  Don't give us answers you think will appease us, Fix the bloody thing. Give us our service we pay for.
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  • really postal right now.

Posted 4 years ago

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John - What a crappy answer. I thought this forum was to "help" other Exede users not be downright  ugly to them. Just my opinion of course.
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ummmm just so you know... if ya look closely to his name it DOESNT have the word champion at the end. sooo people who DO have the word champion at the end they are the helpful ones. john is just a member NOT a champion hes just a regular member...
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We all think of John as a Champion in his own way!   I don't think Darlene's post above asking for help.  I think she needed to vent a bit.  Understandable, but hard to help someone if they are convinced they are intentionally being taken by the company.