Returned Equipment Now I Am Getting Conned

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Cancelled service in beginning of Dec 2017 and was told that they would be sending a box so that we could sent back the equipment. Two weeks or so went by & I received a security notification from my bank that they had attempted to charge a $300 transaction which my bank luckily declined. Then AFTER i got a call from Exede and they told me they were gonna charge my account $300 since i hadn't returned the equipment. I then explained I had never even received the box they claim to have sent. So the employee told me they would ship another box since i never received the first one. I finally received a box from them about a week or so after (not sure if it was the 1st or 2nd if they even really sent the 1st). i read what was needed to be sent back and began to put everything required in the box. It mentioned how the satellite that was on top of my home was also needed to be removed and sent back. Which I completely understand however find it extremely ridiculous that they make their own customers do the dirty work for them. I am a gentleman in his 50s with 2 herniated discs and a condition of difficulty with my vision so you would see why it would be hard for someone such as myself or even an elderly person to climb up a ladder to unscrew a decent sizable satellite from the rooftop of their home and carry it down while still trying to climb down the ladder themselves. Therefore I had to ask my son in law for his help and wait until he had an opportunity in between his busy work schedule to stop by. That was already two issues that were completely incorrect and unprofessional. And yet I let it be and cooperated with what I was told to do, so i dropped off the package at my local ups store and figured it was over and done with. A week after i received a call again saying that i was going to be sent to collections since i never sent the equipment back and didn't pay the amount of $160 they were charging me for the equipment.I told them i had already sent it and they said they never received it. I unfortunately did not get a recipe at the time i was dropping off the package so i told them i didn't have a recipe number. They told me to track the recipe and that was the end of the call. On friday 1/12/18 i received a bill in the mail of an amount of $160 due. I figured it was sent before i spoke to them. I was going to call them tomorrow after i went to the ups store to see if there was any way i could find my package. Thats when i received a notice from a collections department that they had sent me to collections because i refused to pay the amount they charged me! They are charging me $190 now because of the collections charge. Now Ive had enough of this nonsense! This is just ridiculous. First they try to charge my card without my permission, blame me for not receiving the box that THEY sent, then they have me take down THEIR equipment from the rooftop of my home, and now that i have sent everything back they claim they never got it and charge me $160, first of all where did the $160 even come from? and if that is the amount of the equipment then why did they try to charge my card $300? Now with them knowing what is going on, they still sent me to collections?! Like if it was my fault the package is M.I.A! It seems to me like nothing but a big con. I will be calling them as soon as i can to see how they are going to be able to fix this problem or will have to take matters into my own hands.
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You are irresponsible to say the best about you.  You had a very BIG clue they were serious about getting their equipment back to the tune of an attempt to withdraw $300 from your bank account for un-returned equipment.  You sat on your hands until the situation got out of control.  You didn't call them to inquire where the first box was when it didn't show up.  You did get the so-called second box and retrieved their equipment.  The clock still runs while you wasted all that time, thus the $160 and the referral to collections. I suppose you realized they really don't want the dish, just the electronic component attached to it (the TRIA), and maybe the Surfbeam-2 Modem.  You sent those items back knowing they were going to play hard-ball if they didn't get them and yet you didn't get/keep the tracking number.  So now you have their box out there someplace and no immediate way to account for it's whereabouts.  The UPS store might find your shipping information and supply you with the tracking number and if they want a fee for that, don't even complain.  Someday Viasat may get their equipment back and your money will be refunded but right now you are not in any position to complain as it was your irresponsibility that got you in this mess in the first place.
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I have read so many of these things about the equipment return. Visat does it all the time. They say they sent the boxes, they say they never received the items. I don't see how so many shipped boxes could not have gotten to them. Boy UPS must really mess up a lot. Visat receives them, they just say they don't or their communication between their departments is horrible. It is just a way to charge you hoping you won't notice. I am worried about when it is time for me to move what will I have to go through to return stuff. I hope they don't really want the dish. 
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Mary & Matt,

More than likely, by the time you received the second call, the equipment had either not been delivered yet, or not logged in.  You've put the package with the TRIA and modem in the box, and used the provided return label, you should be good, even if the process isn't as fast as you'd prefer.  

Send us an email at  Be sure to include your account number or phone number attached to the account.  We can take a look from our side, and see where the process is!
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If viasat is so slow in getting it logged in why do they not realize this and reach out to the customer to find out more info instead of just charging them right away. Then the customer has to do the fighting to figure it out.
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Turn about is fair play. You should have asked for proof of shipment on first box. They should have tracking info in this day. I personally think it's a ploy to waste time so they can get you on the hook for more fees. Good luck