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So I called and set up service on May 10th. I was charged $299.99 for the lifetime bundle on equipment. When the person I spoke to over the phone asked me 3 times and I told her no, that I wanted to pay the 9.99 a month instead. I was charged even before someone came and set up my equipment on the the following Saturday ,May 12th. I called in on Friday may 11th to ask about the $299.99 and was told I'll have a refund with in 7 to 14 days and then that the supervisor put a rush on it and I should have my money within 3 to 5 days. I informed the supervaior that this mistake cost me being late on my rent and having to pay an extra $100 the next week and was told there was nothing at all I could of been giving to take off anything on my next bill for you guys taking out money you shouldn't have not even like a $20 discount. I called back in on the 14th to see how everything was going on getting my money back and was told nothing but assured the first months bill would not come out of it, I was told the $299.99 will he refunded to me and when the bill is due you guys will try and take it out of the account and if it's not in my bank account try again in 10 days. I told her I would have it paid the following Friday.I then had noticed on the 16th that you decided to take the first months bill out of the $299.99 and then put it as credit, When I never agreed to it. I called in again on the 18th which was when I was informed of the money being applied as credit and told that the original ticket was being updated. I was told that meant it should still fit in the original time frame of what I was told before and to call back in in 2 days to get and estament on a time I should expect my money back. Iwas also told I'll will be getting a $30 discount off of my next bill.I waited and called back today on the 24th. I was told that the ticket wasn't updated and it was a new ticket and didnt go in till the 19th. I was also told that it takes an additional 3 to 5 days for corporate to see the open ticket then another 7 to 14 days for you to process it. I was also told that the discount I was promised of $30 was dropped to $25. And ironically from what I hearing I'm gonna be waiting a total of a little over 4 months for my money back of the now $204 and by the time I get it back the next bill will be due and i bet I'll have to do this whole process again to where I don't get anything back at all.

1. So you guys wrongfully took $299.99 from me and caused me to be late on rent and took money from my wife, daughter and I to eat and made me pay an extra $100 for a late charge on the remainder of my rent.
2. Lied to me about "rushing" the problem to cooperate
3. Lied to me about the bill coming out of the $299.99.
4. Decided to put what was suppose to go to my bank account of the $299.99 into credit.
5. Lied about giving me $30 off m next bill which I think is way low for what you guys done, I should of had a month free.
6. Then lied or never once told me in all the times I called that I would have to wait an additional 3 to 5 before my 7 to 14 days of the money hitting my bank account.

I'm hoping someone can fix this, if I don't have an answer back by tomorrow, I am going to file fruad at the bank, talk to my lawyer and cancel my service completely, and if I cancel my service I'm not paying the extra to get out the contract since you already broke to contract and took $299.99 from me and billed me before my billing cycle and before I even had the equipment and i assume I'll have to take you to court for that too. I can now see how petty you are for taking $299.99,not refunding and having to lie about refunding it, and how the most you can do for an this you put me threw is $25 off my bill. I can see why you don't give out corporates number or email, I assume u screw everyone over.
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  • confused and frustrated

Posted 2 years ago

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This really is a shame. Unfortunately, you are the second person to come to this forum to report a billing issue today.

Send an email to with your account number and the information you just shared with us. That email goes straight to the friendly folks at corporate and they will be able to get this resolved.
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Biggest ripoff group I have ever been involved with! Your quest has only begun: next, excess charges for over the limit internet data caps, ratcheted down speed so slow you cannot connect to anything. Get out if you can! Spent 2 years of hell with this excuse for a service provider. We were forced to add broadband with our Excede account so that we could have internet without paying these high overcharges. First, we would exhaust our Excede data allowance, then switch to broadband service for the remainder of the month.
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I'm sorry you were "forced" to do this.  I hope you aren't "forced" to do other things in your life.  I must have subscribed to another Viasat service.  Never was "forced" to do it or keep it.
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And I was never charged for any excess data. That is something that those on a business plan would see, but not on any of the personal plans on Exede/Viasat.

Yes, a person can buy extra data on some of the plans, but that is a choice made by the subscriber, and never "forced" on anyone.
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Wow... Looks like you've had a bad week.  All I can say is I like my service... If you only knew of my stories from Frontier and Their service, ...this is nothin'.

So I did my research, and came across viasat's services...  And it's pretty much a given that about the $300 being taken almost immediately for instillation/components/services/etc... AND that's pretty much everywhere with satellite internet...
HughesNet, Dish, Viasat, wherever... 

So, even though you may have wanted the $9.99 deal, The $299 shows up pretty much everywhere.  consider it a deposit...

Someone's giving you a satellite dish to use... and components that hook up to the satellite... with wires...
...and THEN someone comes out and hooks it all up for you...
and you want to give them $9.99.  

I certainly hope you tipped the tech who came out and hooked it all up for you....Either way... It's still America, so expect to get screwed.
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Just got off the phone with a representative who apologized for Viasat taking money from my account but refused to ask her supervisor to get me a refund.
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The exact reason I despise letting them or ANY provider of any service have free access to my bank accounts.  They take what they want without prior authorization from the customer.  It should be in the contract that they can take $XX.XX monthly and NO MORE!
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I let my insurance, my home loan, and my electric have access to my account for withdrawls. Nothing else, and certainly wouldnt let companies like Verizon, Directv, etc. have access.
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There really needs to be a class action lawsuit regarding Viasat taking funds they aren't supposed to.  This happens way to much.

Fortunately for me, I have never had to go through this headache.

Right now I'm a very happy Viasat customer, but my attitude would change if this happened to me.  I'm just glad I frequent this forum because it gave me the insight to change my payment method from my bank debit card to a credit card.
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A pre-paid debit card might be the way to go if there are concerns about unauthorized charges but I think it would be a hassle to make sure there funds on the card when a payment is due.  I personally have never had a problem using a CC for my Viasat account.
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No one should have to live in fear of a company taking money from their bank account without permission.  I called it theft on another thread and was attacked for it.  I'm not sure what else to call it.  If I walked into a bank and took money without permission, what would it be called?
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Automatic payments, by computers and software do have glitches.  I have had double payments taken out on other services before.  It happens.  And as this becomes the norm, it will happen even more.  Nobody could call this theft.  
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To err is human and often easily corrected, to really screw things up beyond all recognition requires a computer (albeit often time in the wrong humans hands)...
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My car insurance had my bank, that's all - the rest get credit cards or, prepaid debit cards if I really don't trust them but want their service.

Viasat had my bank for years, only one real problem and, they did make it right but, boy was that a hassle.
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Another example of customer no service. Send them an email so they can lie to yoh again. There can not anccwill not make it good. The fat cats at top will never hear of your problem. Sorry to hear about your problem
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Hello Jonni, We would like to offer our deepest apologies for the trouble you had to experience with Viasat. This situation is not ordinary and this incident is not typical of us.  Please send your account and contact information to Corporate Viasat Social Media at We will settle this issue for you.


I located your account and email. Your refund was processed this morning for the full amount of $299.00 back to the payment method on file.  Contact your bank and that may speed up the refund back to your account. If you have overdraft fees, please send a fax per the instruction you were given.  If you need this information again, please call Customer Care at 855.463.9333.

I apologize for the delay.

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