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(Posted Feb 2019) Ok. Is Viasat trying to get rid of residential subscribers? Sure seems like it. I've used satellite internet for the past 11 years, back when it was called "Wildblue". All my neighbors are are UNHAPPY users of Hughesnet, so I had been telling them that Viasat was much better.....until the past couple of weeks. I found it very interesting that soon after your recent customer communications about speed-of-service "averaging" 25 Mbps, my speeds have suddenly slowed. It's like you've applied a speed "governor" to hold speeds to 18Mbps....always. Before your communication came out, I could do a speed test and occasionally get up to 45 Mbps very early in the morning (4:00am). Of course it would slow as the day went on and traffic increased. Now, at very early times....on weekends, even....I haven't gotten over the 18 Mbps. Yes, the weather is clear, and yes, I've done the plug/unplug routine. And no, I'm NOWHERE near my data limit. My plan allows 150 GB (I don't think you even offer that any more) and I rarely use over 25 GB per billing month. I'm even having trouble now using a streaming music service....."buffering". So, sadly, now I'm telling my neighbors that I guess I'm wrong about Viasat being a better service than Hughesnet. A shame.
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Posted 1 year ago

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Alright, Nancy has to be a troll. Complaining about 18 mbps???  When you get less than 1 mbps you might find more sympathy here. If you are on the Freedom plan with the 25 boost, I suspect in the evenings you are getting no where near 18 mbps, which is why you can't stream music. Viasat sent out a letter/email to Unlimited users and Freedom users telling us no matter how much data we have used, we will be throttled (they used a more diplomatic description) in the evenings/weekends where our service would be next to unusable. If we don;t like it, we can leave (or upgrade our plan). Mine said upgrade with a 2 yr contract. Seriously Viasat?
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No I think Nancy's just reporting her experience since receiving the email and the changes took hold so I don't think the troll accusation is necessarily true.

Off hand, it seems like Bev has been reporting the same from her perspective on her magic beam in Arkansas.

Things got worse for everyone on the impacted plans, but some were starting at a higher bar due to their location to begin with. Some like you Spinninghorse were starting from a lower bar.

To avoid any pissing match, not defending the changes... but am inclined to take the "official response" at face value (at least for now).
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Whatever happened to if you like your plan you can keep your plan.
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That's one of your options.