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I typically use no more than .5 to .8 gb or less on a given day. I check my usage frequently. The first day of a new month, Exede showed I used 1.5 gb in one day!!! I contacted them and they unrelentingly maintained I used 1.5 gb. I truly believe their equipment or someone made a mistake. I asked to speak to a supervisor but no one was available and here almost 4 days later, no Exede employee has bothered to follow up on this aberration ! Exede Customer Care needs to change their name to Exede Customer We Don't Care. They really do not have a clue on how to treat a long time customer. Their only goal is to line the pockets of their executives with their "faulty meters" that are probably unregulated. Why would a regular customer bother to report if something didn't seem totally wrong?
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Posted 3 years ago

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I've had the same experience several times. Every time it is Microsoft with their windows updates. Some of these are HUGE. Microsoft ate my bandwidth...
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Hi larry,  I'm sorry you feel that way.  Our goal is to treat all of our customers with outstanding customer service and provide a great product. Our data meter is there to assist you in managing your data. We work diligently to make the information as accurate as possible. If you are experiencing something different, please send your account and contact information to


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LARRY , i have  the same problem. i have had excede for over 4 years. never used 10gb,we had never even went over 5gb. now within 2 days of my data starting over, they say i used  100%, also it was so slow that we could not log online. it would try and try but not go, finally we would get our cell and go in on verizon data. i have called over 5 times and chat. they claim they know everywhere i went , well that was scary, i said. thought that was even told me a few sites . so they do, thats really scary aint it. some i didnt know. but they  refuse to check our satalite. how did we used data when everything at the home was totally shut off. soooo how did that happen. when i ask the supervisor. she said we should go somewhere else and get our internet. i think its because we have the old plan i quess. sad, never been talked to so rude and treated so bad. nobody really trys to help. pay for a service that just knows yours personal business but dont want to give you what you pay for. 
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I have the same problem. I do not see how I can use all my data in one or two days. I have unlimited Cell phone data on four phones and I do not use that much data. Something is not right about the data usage. 
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same problem here also this month
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Computers are notorious for sucking data.  We installed two ad blockers and several anti-tracking programs to keep the vampires as far away as we could, but between heavy web pages full of multimedia content, sneaky behind the scenes updates, and all the bits and bytes that fall down in the sofa cushions, it's easy to watch the data seem to dry up and blow away.  I was amazed at how much more we used in just one day largely due to YouTube and turning on the game console for just a short period of time.  I then saw all the flashy graphics and bright colors and figured out very fast that my xbox was a vampire even when not being used.  While this may not be relevant in your particular case, it was in ours and that's just one example.  Cellular devices use much less data because mobile applications require less.  Web pages appear as full and functional; however, the multimedia in mobile pages isn't nearly as heavy as it is in regular pages.  

Unfortunately, satellite still lags when it comes to keeping up with all of the changes that happen in the Internet world.  No method of rationing data is perfect, but some do work better than others.  For us, it was just a lot of trial and error to figure out what worked best for our particular situation.  Your best defense will always be to TURN IT OFF when you aren't using a particular device.  Also, cell phones that link up to your home network will siphon off a little bit here and a little bit there until it finally becomes noticeable.  Those little dabs and bits add up over time.
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"Unfortunately, satellite still lags when it comes to keeping up with all of the changes that happen in the Internet world.  No method of rationing data is perfect, but some do work better than others.  For us, it was just a lot of trial and error to figure out what worked best for our particular situation."

There are two places .. one being detailed monitoring at each device using a program like Glasswire that will detail the data used by both programs and processes. That will lead you to which browser plugins you will need to curtail usage by sites you visit so that Ads, scripts, auto-start video and HTML pre-fetch can be controlled.

The second area is the central point of your network .. your router. That will cover data used by the router itself (yes, many routers run internal services), network security and a positive ID on each and every device that can/has connected to your network.

Many Routers can track data per device.

Example: I have an Asus RT-AC3100. It tracks every bit and byte used by your system.

Traffic per day per day per device:

Traffic Statistics overall and hours of occurrence:

Traffic Statistics by an individual device and its specific hours of data usage and details of application usage:

ISP's don't "steal" data, users simply are unaware of all of the various ways that data can be consumed.

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Not to mention all the ads, flashy videos in high definition, sound, and multimedia pages that we download everyday without thinking about it because we've become so accustomed to the way Internet pages are supposed to look.  Back in the 90's, a page was very small.  Now that we do facebook, read the news, bank online, everything we do, we get bombarded by ads and little things that added to the data consumed by a single page.  I don't know the actual numbers, but I'll wager that the average page now would be enough data to fuel over a hundred pages 20 years ago.  The data vampires are everywhere.  No, ISP's don't steal data, but ad companies buying your surfing data to so they can sell you a nicer car, bigger penis, lower monthly payment, a hot date with some 600 pound guy whose picture looks strangely like a Russian model, or a credit card nobody can afford certainly do.  Our task is to try our best to mitigate the data loss as best we can so that we can preserve our data supply that we have to work with on satellite.