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Questions about the accuracy of the data meter.
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No, Brad. Your company says I used 5gb of data in 1hour and 15 minutes by video/audio streaming on July 22nd between 10:45 am and 12:00 pm, which is a bold face lie and almost impossible at the speeds I'm at. 1 of the 3 devices on my wifi has internet access, and that's my device which requires a fingerprint to unlock. I do not have a data eating virus, Apple checked all 3 of my iPads. The enabled logs in my router prove that no one is stealing my wifi. My children's iPads have very specific, password protected restrictions. They do not have internet, App Store or iTunes access, just to name a few of the restrictions. I have called 3 times about this and the last person I spoke to said my homeschooled, no internet access 1st and 3rd graders managed to steal the passwords for the Apple ID, iTunes and App Store so they could download apps to hide things YouTube and Safari so we won't see all the video streaming they do. Not only that, they somehow made their iPads forget the iTunes account that initially set them up, the only iTunes account in my house, my husbands, and they created their own "profiles" but still managed to keep all the information synced specifically to my husbands iTunes. So apparently, I am the proud parent of 2 children that are smarter than the late Steve Jobs and every person that has ever worked for his company. Oh, the best part of the lie your company has told 6 and 8 year old children lifted my fingerprint with tape so they could unlock my iPad to gain internet access! I have genius children, right? I won't even start on the data that Excede says was used July 23rd and 24th when no one or our devices were home. Don't try your typical YouTube app left open excuse with me either. I deleted the preloaded app from every device I have. You have to go through safari to access YouTube, so yes I'm positive that didn't occur. I do not have Netflix or any other video/audio streaming account or app either. Point blank the data meter is wrong, which is a common complaint of your customers according to this site and consumer affairs. Unlike all the other people who don't have time to research and find a attorney willing to file a class action lawsuit, I do have the time and I'm going to try my hardest to find one. This is theft, plain and simple. I paid for services and did not receive them and this company refuses to either give me my data back or my money back. Shame on Excede for knowingly stealing from their customers!
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Jennifer, do you have a router that will let you see your network's usage?
If so, you can look at that data to rule out whether or not you went over your data.
That many Gb just for a few updates doesn't seem right to me, but I don't use Apple products.

Another thing you can do is get Bitmeter on your devices (if they make it for iPad) or see if iPad has something that checks how much data it uses.

If you use those tools, you can log the information and then compare it to what Exede is saying you used.

I completely understand your frustration. I've had miscalculations before too. Currently I think my LNFZ isn't set to the right time so my usage was abnormally high.

Exede really needs to have an up-to-date Usage meter that shows hourly usage (in specific amounts-- not just the bar chart) so we can compare it to things like BitMeter and router usage stats.

People are saying maybe the kid's friends came over: But do the kid's friends know the password?

Is it possible that there is unknown usage going on at Jennifer's house? Yes. but it is also possible there is a miscalculation.
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I suggest you install a bandwidth monitor like networx which will tell you hour by hour how much bandwidth you're using and will also tell which applications used the bandwidth.  you can screen out the free zone and get an accurate daily reading.
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why craig? they will just tell you they do not support 3rd party meters so kinda pointless. most newer devices have built in monitors that keep up with data useage
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You will feel foolish when it ends up that you are actually using that data.  I read it here all the time.  The first reaction is to blame someone else and then the real truth comes out.  Children bring their friends over to use mom & dads wi-fi to play games on their phones, " I only use Facebook", the list goes on and on. 
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If I had a dollar for everyone that thought Exede was stealing data, I could pay to have a T3 line installed to my house.  But, seriously in the +10 years I have been with Wildblue/Exede the number of data reporting errors that I am aware of where the customer was cheated can be counted on one hand.  It is very very unlikely that Exede is misreporting your usage.  FWIW, my fingerprint logon device will use the Internet unfettered as long as WiFi is enabled.  I don't have to be logged on.
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Fingerprint is a glorified lock screen. Things can and will still run in the background. There's certainly been times where the meter has been wrong but those are VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY rare. Last legitimate one I saw was well over 7 months ago. The rest of the time? Stuff running in the background or the dreaded Windows 10 updates (or a Netflix marathon)
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Exactly and unfortunately many casual users simply aren't aware of the subtle differences between locked, logged off, sleeping, and hibernating states. Fortunately powered off is easily grasped. With sleeping and hibernating, no activity typically occurs but is further complicated by wake on LAN features if that is enabled. With locked or logged off (for all intents and purposes the same), the operating system is still active and running unless automatically put to sleep through power settings later on.
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Since it appears you just joined this community today, you would probably do well to contact one of the moderators at as Brad has suggested (if you haven't done so already). When you do that, you'll be stepping out of the normal support channel and dealing with them directly/privately.

They're social media moderators and they're not going to get engaged in a public shouting match but privately can assist in resolving any issues you may have (or at least direct you to someone better suited to addressing it). .

As for support on this forum, it's largely of peer-to-peer subscriber support and perhaps some Apple users will be along to assist you from that perspective.

P.S. And as Josh suggests does your router have any built-in traffic monitoring (many do and specifically it's own usage meter) which would allow comparison/verification against what the Exede usage meter indicates.

N.B. Include your account and contact information in that email - your login here is not associated with your Exede account since this forum is operated by a third party.