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Exede! If you just provided customers with a more comprehensive means of accounting for their data use, you would probably have many fewer complaints. As it is, we can only see a progress bar that tells us what percentage of our data allowance has been used. Yes, I can obtain monitoring software from a 3rd party like Networx, but it would just make sense for Exede to provide that service.  I'm a new customer and my 10GB allowance was used up within the first three days of service. I have no way of knowing where that data went, or if Exede's accounting is even accurate.
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Posted 5 years ago

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Hi Gary,
The question of a more detailed data tracking/ usage monitor has come up before and Exede does say they are working on it. In my personal usage tracking, I would say their monitor at MyExede dot com member site is spot on, but it does not give any details.

As for controlling your data usage there is a post with several steps you can take that will help. These include movie/ video downloads and Windows 8/ 8.1 which has been found to gobble data in the background. Read more here:

If you have used your data cap for the month, you can ask one of the Exede rep's for some added gig's during their Great Gig Giveaway to help get you through the month. They will give you 5 Gigs at a time.

Welcome to the forum and if you have any other questions just ask.
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I like Satellite Restriction Tracker. By Reality Ripple software. I have mine set up so lets me know when I have used 300 MB. I'm on the 10 Gig plan.

Here's a screen shot of my usage.
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The one for Wildblue years ago wasn't too bad.  Don't know why they took that away.  NRTC customer here, it kept a log of up/down usage in a text file you could view (going back years).  It did not report daily usage though, just the 30 day rolling total.
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Gary, it's in the works but still a little ways away ...
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Actually spoke with a customer service rep today at Exede who took a look at my usage. My service started on January 28. He said all my 10GB of data were used on 2/1 and 2/2, and nothing before or since, except for some during the "free zone".  Well, 10GB in 2 days seems like alot, but with three teenagers in the house I suppose its possible.  But nothing before or after those 2 days? I can't believe that. I know my kids haven't stopped using data, and I've viewed a few videos myself during that period. The CSR couldn't explain that discrepancy, and didn't offer any solution.  The one bright spot is that the data slow-down doesn't seem to be that significant. There's an occasional pause in streaming videos but otherwise things run fine.
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 I am not sure if the problem resolved itself, but there are some issues the CSR may not have been aware of, such as a misaligned antenna, a software glitch in the modem, and so on. Since you mentioned having teenagers in the house and that you watched a few streaming videos, I can point out some of the biggest data usages:

1) Streaming movies uses an average of 1Gb each and depending on the movie length and resolution (standard? HDMI?) can go as high as 2Gb per movie. YouTube can also use a lot of data.

2) If your teenagers play games on their PCs, laptops, or tablets and have an account with a service such as Steam, game downloads can be a big part of the data usage as many of today's game files are huge, ... really huge.

3) Software and Hardware updates. If you have any software, hardware, or applications with an "auto update" feature, turn that option off. For example, if you have a newer NVidia graphics card, it will automatically update it's driver files and the driver files average about 225Mb each time.  Steam also has an "auto update" feature.

3b) Anecdotally, I recently bought a new PC this Spring and it went through many firmware and software updates which in turn used almost 10Gb of data usage in just a few days.

I know it's a late response, but hopefully this info will help you and other customers as well.


Unless you have a hundred monkeys locked in a room with workstations (you might want to feed them once in a while), you should have had something useful by now.

Reality Ripple's Satellite Restriction Tracker has been around for quite awhile and has been the "go to" application for many of your customers for the same amount of time. It is a very simple little "widget" that runs in the background*, that is, customers do not need stop what they are doing to login to their account, only to get a vague estimate of their usage, plus the SRT is quite good at reporting accurate usage on an hourly or minute by minute basis.

*the SRT runs as a "process", not an application.

How can it do that?, the answer may surprise many customers, ... the SRT queries the user's account and assembles a report based on what it is told by the Exede website. It also records what it was told each time it queried the account and uses that information to present a picture/graph/report of how much data is being used over a period of time. Simple.

... the information it collects is not accepted by Tech Support when reporting usage errors, despite the fact the data comes directly from their website.
I don't mean to sound too disparaging, because everything else is somewhat satisfactory. I am just trying to vent some of the frustration many customers have on this issue. If the user account has an updated minute by minute record of data usage, why should it take 24 hours to reflect updates? and if the sat modem is offline, there should be no data used, right?

My only suggestion is to fire those monkeys and scrap their workstations.
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Having been a "code monkey" for nearly 40 years, delays such as this are typically the result of their handlers who think it's only necessary to rattle their cages or who think the answer lies in elaborate "business processes" - I suspect the feature is already is already good to go and awaiting shall we say "administrative approval"?

P.S. Frequently, decisions are made by those who are incapable of even programming their way out of a wet paper bag. I've got completed features tied up in approval processes sitting in production releases that are gathering dust. Having retired, I simply left instructions to my juniors on how to become heroes with one line changes to enable them once approvals are granted - some of them were completed 2+ years ago.

My suggestion is to fire the managers and lawyers, and I prefer the term "career programmer"... ;)
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Old Labs is spot on, Yep the stench of incapability infests what was America.
So few corporations function due to the weak minded being at the helm.
I would cut this overpriced corps immediately if it was not for comfort needed by others.
Yes attorneys , leaches in fact, are the bane to efficiency

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