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I've had Exede for just over a month and already had several problems with billing and with the amount of data I'm supposedly using. I've had enough. This has gone on long enough and I've given plenty of time for it to have been fixed. At first, it was an issue with getting my package wrong..When I ordered, I chose one of the newer packages. It was the Freedom package with the promo of unlimited data for 6 months...Now that that issue was resolved...after having spoken with them for nearly a month each lacked 1 day being a month when they finally got it my data usage is through the roof. I'm already at like 32 GBs after about a week. On top of those issues...the billing..The first month we had this.. there was 30$ taken from our doesn't show up on the bill when I look at it online and it says there have been no payments. When ordering I told the guy there was nothing in the bank until pay day and asked if anything would be taken out, he said no. But that wasn't true.. 30$ was pulled out causing me to be in the negative at my bank.. I thought "Ok, it must have been for equipment" and I let it go.. now this month.. another 30$ taken out causing me to be in the negative again. Yes, I should have planned for this one..but again I let it go because on the invoice it said it was paid on the 22nd and since all of the issues I thought they adjusted my bill because all that was owed was 28.98. Now instead of saying it's paid.. it says it's owed...Why are they taking money out twice? Maybe I'm wrong, but if they pulled it out and the statement doesn't say it...? On my bank statement it's deducted by Viasat...which is Exede...? but the online statement says nothing about this withdrawal. I'm done with this. I'll be contacting the Better Business Bureau. I suggest everyone having these issues with them should. The complete story is just too long and I didn't think you all would wanna read it lol..but like so many of you, I'm tired of this. We just live in an area where you just have no choices.
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Hi Elisa,
Have you contacted Exede at to explain your account charge issues? Give them your account # and contact info and they will help you.

When you say: "We just live in an area where you just have no choices." Well most of us on this forum do live in remote areas with very limited internet service options. But I think we are spoiled living in the USA.

Now take North Korea, they are having internet connection issues. And if you complain, they will cut your head off.

If we keep our heads and explain our issues, we will get help from Exede and or the other forum members.

America and it's free marketing offerings might be a bitch. But it's the best one on the planet.

Happy Holidays and God bless the United States of America.
Everett, Oorah
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Ok, well yes, by living in an area with no choices...I meant out in the country with no internet service providers around... And I'm sorry for issues that people in other places are having lol..That totally seemed to take a turn somewhere I wasn't aiming to go. I love the U.S. and I'm not quite sure what you're implying. I've sent a complaint by e-mail. I've been dealing with Exede for over a month and had nothing but trouble. I spoke to customer service for nearly everyday of the time I've been with them and yes...mostly to complain. I did thank them when they fixed my issue with my package after nearly a full month. 1 more day and it would have been a full month. Thank you for your reply but I think you took that completely somewhere it shouldn't have gone lol. This has everything to do with me paying for a service I'm not getting. It's my money and I care how it's spent. I've kept my head and I'll be keeping my money if possible because this isn't how I'd prefer to spend it if I can get anything done about it. I feel that you're making the wrong assumptions about me and what I said. I'm sorry if you felt I meant something else, but it's entirely about their customer service and their internet service and promising something else and things not being made quite clear to their customers. Again lol, I love where I'm from and proud of it.
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Hello Elisa,

We want you enjoying your internet service.  Please send me an email to with your account and contact information.  I will view your account details and help get your issues resolved in a timely manner.  I look forward to speaking with you.  

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