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I have been going over my usage since I started I called about the issue and they proceeded to tell me that i must have given out my password. I have had this 2 months the only users are my husband and myself. The were rude and said its my problem , now I am 8 days into my next usage and on Monday supposedly I down loaded a movie while we were at work I was like no and she insisted that i gave out the password. I never gave out the password wtf do they think I am an idiot. Then they told me that I had computers connected to it yes I do but there was one that was unfamiliar a chromebook yes that is my computer then she proceeds to insinuate im stupid I finally said I turn this thing off during the day.  Well I guess you will just need to deal with it its not our problem.  then you cant down load anything in the evening I run a business and can't send a video to a prospective buyer.  the only concession they gave was her is 2 mB of data have a good day not our problem.  Now I am going to look for other service call the BBB there is no way I am going to pay for something that is a racket
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Posted 4 years ago

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If you leave your modem on 24/7 you will be downloading about 1kbyte/sec doing nothing. Enter into the URL box of your web browser to access the built in app in your modem. Click on the MODEM box and you can see the data that has been sent and received. You can watch the bytes received number grow about 1k every second. There are 2,052,000 billable seconds every 30 days, so you are downloading about 2GB doing NOTHING. Add to that, Microsoft downloads updates to your computer any time they want, in the background. The last one I got was over 2GB for a Windows 10 update. So there's 4GB. I have taken to unplugging my modem when I don't need to be online, and downloading large files between midnight and 5AM when I can. It's a PITA, but I'll be darned if I am going to pay for more than 10GB per month.
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That approximate 1 KB you're seeing on the Ethernet statistics every second is simply the modem status page updating itself by retrieving statistics from the modem every second - it's simply local traffic that doesn't count towards usage.

Regardless, there is some amount of external traffic overhead that occurs when idle.

Installing a traffic monitoring application will give you a better idea of everything going on in the background without your knowledge. For Windows 7. 8.1, and 10 I recommend the free version of GlassWire available at:

which allows filtering by local and/or external traffic.             
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Rhonda, is it possible that your satellite tv dvr is connected to your home network? That is probably what downloaded a  movie, both Directv and Dish network dvrs now will download program matter that it "thinks" you may be interested in watching. Smart tvs are another data hog if they are allowed a connection to your home network.
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Hi Rhonda,  We hate that you feel this way about the service.  There is always a solution and we are here to help.  Please send your account and contact information to  We take a further look.
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i seem to be having a similar issue. on sunday i checked my usage and it said i was at 77gb i may have used we'll say 5 to 10 at the most watching netflix that day. and thats giving it plenty of room. well monday morning when i got on and checked my usage again it said i was at 104gb. there is no way in hell that is right. i keep a close eye on he usage because we are only on our second month of being customers and i like to pay close attention to what we use so we dont go over or run out before months end. this is crap and not right at all..
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Hello Tracy, I can certainly understand your frustration concerning your unknown data usage. I would be more than happy to take a look at your account and pinpoint what could possibly be using your data so quickly. Please send your account and contact information to Thank you  
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I feel your pain, what is the purpose of having an internet connection that will not even allow you to do basic internet activities or computer necessary updates without putting you over the limit? I never had an issue with WildBlue but when I upgraded to Exede, the service deteriorated quickly and has been a consistent struggle every since. I just got off the phone with a representative from Exede. They told me that social media and youtube were my problems. Ordinary internet stuff, but they couldn't tell me why my upload speed was twice my download speed during the unrestricted portion of the monthly cycle. Maybe even better, they couldn't tell me why I had activity while I was on vacation. Time for a change, dialup is not looking that bad and now has comparable speeds to Exede-ingly slows good days. I am tired of giving information to them and they tell me that I need to use it during the middle of the night. Well then, when do you expect a daytime working person to sleep? My updates are scheduled during this time by the way. I don't stream movies or any of that, I just want to do normal stuff on the internet at a speed faster than dialup. Most of my neighbors are switching from satellite internet to a mobile hotspot, but that is not an option because of the poor cellular service at my house.
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I did go over last month, by nearly 5 GB BUT, with reason. I did it and I know why. Had to get a new Mobo in one computer, that meant I needed to redo some updates, download some new drivers, etc... Also got new cell phones and, being iPhones, that meant syncing them with Cloud Data since we have to mail order those or, drive 150 miles to a carrier store.

That will kill the data in a hurry and, I did purchase 4GB more, still went a tad over that even but, wasn't buying another gig for one day before billing.

Social media sites, which I suppose can be considered normal internet activity, use a lot of data very quickly. Facebook always gets the blame but, Pinterest, Twitter and, numerous others can be just as bad. Best to enable SMS from those and, only go on the site weekly or, if you get a text that there is something you must see or respond to there (ie sister posted wedding pics, only way you will ever see them.)