not getting what I pay for

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am supposed to have 25 mb download speed pay thruogh the ass for it but every time test it best i get is 12.1mb then you slowit down on yop of that should i be looking for a new service that provides what it prommises getting tired of the games of slow service that wifi cuts in and out even though hard wired is still conected tried restating router still have same problem
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Posted 2 years ago

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You are suppose to get "up to" 25Mbps. If you expect it to constantly be at or near 25Mbps, you should just go find another internet alternative now because you will never been satisfied.
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The other night I was pulling 0.5Mbps on priority data. Then you have these customers who have no idea how much better they have it, and still are not satisfied.
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You are a real trooper Veteran!  Not sure I would be as calm as you.
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@VeteranSatUser oh wowza @>@ you had THAT much mbps wowza @>@ if i had that then... id probably be watching my animes ive downloaded and wait till the next day :3 (since i have SO many animes ive downloaded but still need to watch them to be honest XD   )

@Jim16 yeah if i had that 12mbps id be happy!!! :3 i wish i can get that during primetime DX BUT!!! imma happy the way i am :3 cause even though its peak hours right as we speak :3 (its 8:21pm right now my time as imma typing this ) itll be a bit slow for me :3

ALSO!!! i agree with veteransatuser onto this one... ALSO!!! may i add into what he said... satillite internet is ONLY for rural places which ONLY are avaible to people who DONT get cable/dsl internet NOR ANY other providers for those people.... so yeah... ONLY choose satillite internet IF that is your ONLY option... IF not then... id suggest you go to cable/dsl internet... cause like i said above... satillite internet IS ONLY AND WILL ONLY BE the last resort... :3
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I'm on Silver 25 and i do speed tests as well to see if there has been a redistribution of users from 1 to 2.  But it has been pretty consistent,, 3.4 to 3.6 during prime time, 12 to 15 Mbps during the day, late at night 20 plus.

But i am most concerned at prime time hours and the 3.4 on is really your actual concern if you are doing any streaming, it doesn't matter if you are getting 25 Mbps down you are still only going to stream at what ever your Throttle is for your plan, mine is 480 resolution.   So that should be your concern,

During the last two nights, during prime time i've been watching DTV Curb your Enthusiasm episodes at 480 (i guess) no buffering sharp picture.

If you can stream at your plans resolution then your getting  good service.  Forget the Mbps because if you can stream you can do all the other things you would want to do on the web with a reasonable response.

If you can't stream at the plans resolution then you need to investigate etc., but yes congestion can be the issue, but not a 24/7 issue.
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Most anything that you can do with 25Mbps you can do with 12Mbps, and other than when downloading large files, the extra time that it takes to download most program updates and such shouldn't be that much of a problem.  To be honest, 12Mbps isn't that bad, at least in my opinion, anyway.  
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You're all over the place on your description but if "wifi cuts in and out even though hard wired is still conected tried restating router still have same problem"; you may want to look into a better wireless router solution.