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And yes, I looked through most of the 363 conversations on
this subject, none of which had any satisfactory answers to my notion.

We just signed up for Exede Evolution and had the equipment
installed on Friday, July 18. The installation distributor was great (although
they used the wrong web address for our account login instructions) and the
installer was fantastic in finding a spot on our roof after our initial
estimates for dish location were blocked by trees.

We added an AT&T hot spot to our phone service about a
month ago to provide internet for our wireless home (2 PCs, 2 laptops, 2 android
readers, one iPad and 6 phones) however the data usage proved financially
impossible to deal with. We would need 42 gig / month when charged for
everything that we were using. I settled on Evolution and ‘mac filtered’ out
all but 1 PC, 2 laptops, 2 readers and 3 of the phones (which used at most .2
gig per MONTH since being with AT&T for 6 months).

I have also installed Free Download Manager and was using it
to test for downloading pdf user manuals, videos, etc. I even tried syncing my
Fitbit exercise tracking device early in the morning before 8:00 to try to take
advantage of the data uploads/downloads for the online tracking.

Our usage at the end of Saturday, July 19th, was
.1 gig; right in line with what we were expecting

Our usage at the end of Sunday, July 20th: still
.1 gig although earlier in the day it was .2 gig.

Our usage Monday morning, July 21st: 6.6 GIG! (Over
a gig higher than our highest day with AT&T who charges for EVERYTHING, no
free times, no free web pages, no free email etc.).

As of Monday afternoon, July 21st, our usage is
at 7.0 gig, over 2 gig past our allowance in our first 48 hours with Exede!

We don’t game, we don’t’ stream Pandora and we don’t stream YouTube
or Netflix.

Major questions:

Perhaps there is a lag between signing up and the ‘filtering’
that takes place to separate the free pages from data usage????

Is there a way to get a detailed log of MAC addresses
logging on and usage????

I really don’t want to get up at 3:00 am to check our bank
balances, pay our bills, get boarding passes (which won’t let you more than 24
hours before flight time meaning I have to book flights at 4:00 AM), and post
items for sale to eBay especially if it’s still going to count towards my data
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I would like to discuss the Evolution plan in detail with you. We can also go over some other things that may be causing your data to be consumed quickly. Please send an email to with your account information for further assistance. Thanks.
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For the most part, I have cleared up my data usage by using MAC filtering with our Belkin 320A surf and blocking the three devices which our children were abusing their privileges. There is one perplexing problem:

One device, which is blocked in the Filtering module, continues to have access to the internet and is back to using absurd amounts of data (almost 8oo meg last night between 9:00 and 11:00 PM. I am using Networx to monitor traffic through the router; although I haven't figured out how to configure it to report individual devices nor to sort through internal traffic versus traffic to the IP). Short of posting all of my router setting, is it common for a device to be able to get through MAC filtering? Outside of this one device, our family has used only .1 gig of chargeable data this period (3 days)!

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Finally figured out the last piece to MAC filtering; I was entering all MAC addresses for all the devices and activating a 'block' button for the ones I wanted to block but the block wasn't working. So I only add the devices for which I want access to the router and then activate the filtering. If the device isn't listed, it gets no access! Our usage has gone down to 0 - .1 Gig per day with three computers and two e-readers.

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That's great to hear HoeneSpringsMike. Glad you were able to make and see a difference in your usage. Thank you for posting this info too. It will help alot of customers! (:

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