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So the new plans come out, I appreciate that I can get a 50GB plan, what I don't appreciate is that none of the updated plans come with Boost 25, so in order to get more data I have to have my speed throttled back after already upgrading to the boost 25 modem. It's bad enough that even the new plans aren't competitive with Hughes, I can get a Hughes plan at 25Mbps with 50GB prime time, 50GB in non-prime time plus the equivalent of the liberty pass for $129 a month. I'd sign up for Exedes 50GB plan if I could keep my speed at 25Mbps. It just may be time to switch, I get tired of all the promises about how great everything will be in the future, but when the future shows up we get an improvement along with a take away.

Well after calling Exede its probably time to switch to Hughes as they won't let me keep my 25Mbps speed if I switch to the improved plan. The key word here is WON'T because they currently provide 25Mbps speed on my existing plan and there are other plans available with the higher speed. So from a technical standpoint it can be done. I was willing to have a plan that provided less data than Hughes at a higher cost but not if I have to have a slower speed. Customer service rep was nice but there was no effort to resolve or even keep me as a customer, I guess thats what happens when they oversell capacity.
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Posted 3 years ago

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Hi Craig,  We're sorry to hear that. Plans change often. This new plan Liberty 50 offers the Free Zone instead of the Speed Boost. In a few month we may have plans with the speed boost again.
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Like I said your plans never improve you just shuffle the deck, last time I had to give up the free zone to get more data. Once you allow me to have something don't take it away, you should be adding features to the existing plans, you provide nothing to hold onto existing customers. You would think satellite providers would try harder as you're one technology improvement from being irrelevant. What really should have happened is that I should have gotten a immediate price reduction on my existing 30GB, 25 boost plan that more closely matched the new 25GB plan.price point.
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Do you ever test your speed? Right now, the last 4 speed test I ran were less than 1Mbps. I have the Boost 25 with 150. What good are either of these when I have slow speed but pay for something else. Just pure crap.
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I typically run 13-15 Mbps with the standard modem.  That is plenty fast for my purposes.  The prime time crunch seems to have improved, although I am normally watching the boob tube during prime time.
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Unfortunately, that's the nature of FM packeting.  If you run a steady speed test or do an extended download, you'll see a range of speeds that can vary from less than 100k all the way to the max speed advertised as data gets buffered then dumped.  It's just like several buckets filling then dumping in a line....one pulls it up and dumps it into another bucket that pours it out into your house.