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Exede is now offering select unlimited plans, soon to be all.(if it goes well)

I now feel that there should be a low speed limit minimum. If Exede is offering unlimited bandwidth to some areas, and eventually all, that means bandwidth isn't an issue, and then there should be enough bandwidth to give at least everyone 1mbps slowed speed, or even .50mbps slowed, no less. (not counting technical issues etc.) So, If you go over your cap, you won't get the full 12-15mbps, but a slowed .50 or 1mpbs.

My point being that if they are offering unlimited data plans, that these so called "heavy abusers" that are getting restricted to the point of being restricted and can do nothing, not even surf a page, this should not be enforced to the point of not being able to surf the web. I know many people have expressed their disgust at this tactic.

For Exede to just be restricting speed to the people to the point of not being able to use their service just because they went over cap is despicable. The main reason being that they are now offering unlimited to select areas, and soon to be spectrum wide.  Yes I understand slowing their services. I do not understand, however, slowing their services to the extent of them not being able to surf at all. 

I clocked in a speed test of 0.04mpbs on a slowed or restricted speed. As soon as my contract is up, I feel forced to depart from Exede unless they fix some core issues that everyone is experiencing. (See the multiple data issue threads, ghost data charges and usage issues)

Thanks for your time
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Posted 6 years ago

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You are right.  Many many of us would be content with much slower speeds paired with a high data cap that allows us to use the internet in a convenient fashion.  Like I have commented in the past,  I have neither the time, interest or energy to be downloading things at night so I can watch them "later".  When I want to see a short news video or other short video THAT is when I want to see it,  24 hours later the moment is passed, I just don't have time to use the internet in that fashion.  For those that it works for, that's great, but it doesn't work for my lifestyle.  My netflix viewing style tends to  be if there is nothing on Directv that I want to watch I might stream something off Netflix while I am working on something else, not a big user of that service either but some weeks I might watch multiple things on Netflix,  another week I might watch nothing.  I am not sure what the minimum speed would have to be with the high ping issue,  but on a wireless broadband connection 1  was plenty fast for me, worked great, could stream most of the time without buffering.

And yes you are absolutely correct about the wireless expansion.  The newer technology that no longer requires a "line of sight" to the tower will allow areas that were harder to service to be reached.  Also it seemed that the range was increasing as well, 20 to 30 mile ranges compared to 9 or 10 on the older towers (we are frustratingly about 1.5 miles out of range of a Prairie iNet tower).  Our current hope is the tiny start up company (and I mean tiny) that has a tower about 15 miles from us using the Canopy Point to Point technology will reach us. Patiently waiting in line for them to get out to check our site for signal.  :)
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These newer techs will eventually put greedy corps like exede out of business. WE can only wait! :)
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Cedius, it's an excellent and reasonable suggestion and along the lines of one of many things we're looking at to improve our service. I'll forward this on ...
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Thanks Alex, I do like Exede and would love to continue our service. This seems like a reasonable solution. I can not even browse when I hit my cap. I would love to just be able to open a web page.

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