My future with Exede is not good if they do not improve Customner Service

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I pay $160 a month for Exede internet. The level of service I have been experiencing with the customer service employees is horrible. I am sure that the negative energy in the office can be attributed to bad management and poor management practices which makes employees hate their jobs.

There have been a few gems that answer the calls at Exede but is becoming more rare. Perhaps the recent service outages have been a planned occurrence where they might have incentivized the CS team to sell service plans to suggest that the older style modems are "going bad" and need replacement and they want us the Exede customers to foot the entire bill.

Obviously on Sept 8 2016 there was an issue that Exede had on their side which caused no service or poor connectivity but claimed it was the Exede modem and would require a bill to come fix/replace it. We know it was not just our modem as we spoke with friends in our area who experienced same no/poor coverage at same time. Not a coincidence Exede.

Since that time our connectivity has returned but is very limited- not our usage says we have downloaded 6.2 gigs. That hardly seems correct given the lack of speed and limited to only one device at a time.

Exede continued to state that it was my sat dish or the modem....I asked the Exede CS person to send me a new modem and I would install and send the old one back. She said no that they stopped doing that a while ago.

Why would Exede not send a modem versus paying way more to send a subcontractor out? This is an unwise decision and again reflects poor management.

Fortunately for us in our area within next few months they will be bringing broadband online and we will not be limited to one choice. IT can't happen soon enough.

In the new world of business you MUST take care of your customers as new technology is continually replacing old style and we are being offered more choices. Exede it costs you way more to find new customers than to keep your existing customers satisfied. 

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  • disappointed with Exede

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Why are you not believing what Exede is telling you?  If they say it's a bad modem, let them fix it.  It seems that you aren't going to take their advice so you will probably never solve your problem.  As far as you paying for a tech to come install a new modem, you agreed to the terms when you signed up for this service.
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You must be am exede employee or manager posting pro comments. You immediately can access a exede rep on chat. Sure bud
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While I can understand wanting to DIY this issue with the modem if we've determined that there's an issue we have to send a person out. Self-install/replacement has not been an option with us for quite some time. If you send an email I can work with you on setting this up if the front line is frustrating you.