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I'm feed up with being on liberty pass half way through month! When I bought 5 gb I never used it all and then went on this plan and use twice as much! I;m ready to look at other internet companies
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Posted 3 years ago

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I switched to the Liberty 18 in Nov. and noticed a spike in data usage, just disconnected my dish Network boxes and cut my usage noticably. Maybe it was doing its thing on the LNFZ before. Check things out to see where your data is going.
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In addition to what John Blount has suggested, I would also like to add the following:

Data wasters that I have heard of are:

(1) windows 10 with its ridiculous updates;

(2) antivirus programs like AVG with sloppy updates;

(3) unknown and unanticipated devices, such as ipads, that connect to your internet using wifi;

(4) irresponsible websites like CNN and Facebloat (Facebook) that like to burn up your data;

(5) Direct TV or other similar "genies" that want to feed you "extra" programming by downloading it through your internet connection instead of using their own satellite connection as they are supposed to.

(6) A fresh install of Mozilla Firefox has all kinds of cruft turned on that will render the browser all but unusable (it too likes to "phone home" on your dime).  I have made a record of what needs to be done to a fresh install of Mozilla Firefox in order to turn that cruft off.  You can find that record at http://techccu.com/users/compwiz/pictures/getsatisfaction-forum/thread1/InitialSetupStepsAfterInstal...

You might want to see if any of these data wasters are present on your system.
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I've, personally, not found the Windows 10 updates to be as bad as everyone makes them out to be.  Sure, the fact that they can be difficult to control could be a problem if you are nearing your limit and don't want to go over, but, with the exception of the Anniversary Update, I've rarely ever found them to exceed 500MB, and they are usually only released once a month.  

The one problem with Windows 10 updates that can be a HUGE problem, though, is the "Updates from more than one place" setting, especially due to the fact that most people don't even know about it, and because it's default setting is "PCs on my local network, and PCs on the Internet."  Sharing Windows 10 updates with everyone on the internet doesn't bode well for those on a data restricted plan, though it's obvious that Microsoft doesn't think of that, or just doesn't care.   OTOH, if a person has two or more Windows 10 computers and they are networked, changing the option to "PCs on my local network" can be a real data SAVER. 
Syncing can unnecessarily use up some data, too.