Kept in the dark on what data us used on that month

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MY Bitch with Excede is not so much HOW MUCH data was used that month..but WHAT it is being used for. why dont we have the right for a blow by blow break down of the use of the data? This might help some of us to regain control of this issue.... This seems to be a violation of our rights to know what its used ON!!!
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Hello rusty, please be careful with the language used on the forum as we are trying to keep it clean here. As far as your data goes, a new and improved tracker is a big topic of conversation and we are always working to improve our services and it's features. We do have some cool things coming here soon so please stay tuned in with us! If you'd like to send me your info to, I'd be glad to take a look at your data traffic with you to help determine where it's being used up so quickly and to help prepare for next month's usage. Hope to hear from you!
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Rusty - 

They can give you a percentage breakdown of the general categories of data usage each month by calling customer care.  Beyond that they cannot give you a good breakdown without getting rather invasive into your privacy, which I am sure would cause a whole lot more outraged posts here than there are already.

The best way to take control is to follow the many recommendations found on these forums and know for certain what is connected and when it is connected.  In my case 5-8 GB a month was from my wife, son, and duaghter's cell phones.  Also disabled flash, video auto-start, and added Adblocker Plus on all my browsers on all my computers.  Disabled all updates for windows, av and any other application.  I manually run those every few days during the Free Zone.

This took me from using 10 GB in 14 days to using 6.3 GB with 5 days left.  I used the internet nightly for webmail and research and even remote support on systems I need to connect to after hours.  

I wish they had an hourly breakdown of usage and I believe it is coming, but for now I was able wrangle the gremlins in and so far it is working out great.
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If you really want to know what is going up and down your Internet pipeline you can install packet capture software and analysis tools and quite quickly be awash in data. I use Wireshark. It's free and easy to use but could be challenging to interpret the results.

It's interesting to see what goes up and what goes down AND how frequently various programs are calling home. I used to leave GMail open when I wasn't using my computer. I don't anymore. Several times a minute GMail asks the sever if it has any new email and each time the server responds which means data up and data down whether there is email or not. 

I think anytime you open an SSL connection there is constant data up/down checking to make sure the connection is still connected.

Be wary of VPNs. They are data black holes.

The other Brian's point is valid. More detail from Exede would require they capture more data about your surfing habits.

These forums have lots of suggestions for reducing the ambient load on your data connection. Try some of them and you'll probably find you can reduce your usage significantly.
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Egad!  Someone with my same first name.  Now everyone will get confused.  Yes - leaving your computers on and letting pages even rotate ads or refresh repeatedly can eat up data.  My family used up a lot of data just playing silly android games.  

Other posters have talked about how much data Farmville used.  Bandwidth is getting to be much like RAM and CPU has become.  It used to be programmers would make every effort to squeeze every portion of their program to utilize the very least possible amount of RAM and CPU possible.  Now the hardware is so cheap that they are not spending as much time worrying about system resources.  The same is starting to happen with web pages.  Everyone loves the look and fee of the modern web, but forget the amount of data it can take to deliver that data.

Still better than the old BBS systems and using command line email interfaces.  The other issue is that most folks that have been brought up in high-speed environments have never had the excruciating experience as 9600 baud dialup connection to AOL.  

Maybe we all need to take Paul Simon's lyrics to heart:
Slow down, you move too fast
You got to make the morning last
Just kicking down the cobblestones
Looking for fun and feelin’ groovy
Ba da da da da da da, feelin’ groovy
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I recall writing code that was tight and concise because you could just fit so much into 640K. Now it software and websites are bloated - loaded with extras that ofttimes don't improve the experience.

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While anyone can monitor the data on our end, most of us want to see how Exede is tracking the data use.  Hughesnet shows customers by hour how they have recorded the data, Verizon shows me minute by minute how they recorded data use.  The breakdown by percentages isn't really useful to help resolve a question, the users probably have a pretty good idea how they used the data, when there is a question I want to know the TIME Exede recorded the data.  This, along with what new data packages are going to be offered, if any, will be a factor in deciding if we stay on Exede or switch.  I want to see some transparency about data.
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I can live with hourly accounting. It would be interesting to see. Uncertain what the operational overhead would be. Perhaps someone better versed could touch on that.
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If there are techies comfortable with outside-the-box solutions, I loaded an older PC with pfSense firewall software and use Squid & Dansguardian to - among other things - log usage. It will tell me which computer used how much and where they went on an hourly, daily or monthly basis. Other benefits are content filtering to put the kibosh on pornography, caching of web files to decrease data usage, and so much more.

Accomplishing this is very technical in nature but you have so much control. I do not recommend this to anyone not up for the challenge.

Absolutely Exede should not be storing detailed information that would violate your privacy. It would be nice to have the usage broken down by day or hour BUT there is a disclaimer that updates can be delayed up to 24 hours or not at all if your modem is offline. Apparently the data usage comes from the modem itself?

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Yes, when everything is working normally the modem reports its WAN statistics every 15 minutes - off hand it appears to be a server initiated handshake. Therefore, when the modem is off the handshake can't be completed - however the WAN statistics persist during modem power off. If the server can't initiate a handshake or even simply fails to initiate the handshake there's a delay in reporting.

This can explain why users report: I turned off my modem, went to sleep, checked my usage meter in the morning and it jumped while I was asleep - on waking in the AM and turning it on it's just reported everything that had been used before powering the modem off and the prior successful handshake (it appears it gets reported as part on the modem start up and synching).                .

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