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A lot of people these days use Facebook
I see a lot of posts about data being gobbled up

here are some suggestions, my experience with satellite internet goes a long way back, I have had both HughesNet and Wildblue since 2004 and for the last 60 days I attempted to just get my internet thru Verizon's 4G network (expensive!)

First of all, Facebook, and all games associated with facebook are data hogs.
Facebook has added an option lately that makes videos auto play when you scroll past them, but what you may not be aware of is that those videos download and cache in the background before you even get to see them whether you want them to or not.

You must go to the upside down triangle on the far upper right corner, click on it, choose settings.
on the left side of the settings page at the bottom of the list, you will see videos
make sure the auto-play function is OFF

Since facebook auto updates, and downloads and caches all images and content even when you are not looking at it, close your web browser when not actively interacting with your news feed.
Seriously... if you are NOT using your internet? turn the computer OFF.
If you have a home router, and you are gone all day, turn the router off til you get home. Same if you are going on vacation.

Always be sure your home router is secured as well, many people can see your wifi network and there are folks who actually drive around with wifi sniffers looking for open networks to glomp bandwidth from.

We are entering an age where data = money... so protect your $$

During my experiment with verizon's 4G network I was able to track my usage right down to the kilobyte and facebook was the biggest offender when it came to being a data hog.
videos were next...
I used their usage analysis tool and put in all the things I like to do (social media, playing online games like LoTRO and WoW, uploading images with drop box etc) and all of it totaled up to 3 to 5 gb a month, the minute I added 10 minutes of video a day, BAM ... 10 to 15 gb per mo.

so seriously... watch your videos during the free time.

anyway, hope this helps some folks.
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Posted 6 years ago

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Good tips Lauren! Here's a little more info about the Facebook autoplay setting.
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thanks a lot for that info. but my question is... do I actually need to turn my computer off when its not used? cuz my phone is connected through my computer

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For years I have put my computer in sleep mode. Once I started using Exede I started to turn off my mail and the browser. I guess turning it off is better than putting it in the sleep mode with the browers and mail turned off?
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In the sleep mode, the computer still keeps its "eyes" open, it might download updates and update emails, etc.  It is best to close tabs when you are no longer using the site on the tab, and close browsers when you are finished.  Also, for any applications that allow you to schedule updates, you should schedule all automatic updates to occur during the LNFZ only, or turn off automatic updates and then run them during the LNFZ.  Anyone using Windows 8, get rid of all automatic updates, and also get rid of any applications you don't actually use.  Tablets, smart phones using your WiFi are also data gobblers, so beware of them also.
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Steve ... I found out soon how much my iPad and iPhone used so I shut off the wifi but now I only use that to sych my photos to all my devices, then turn it off. Good ifo about the tabs...I usually have a lot of them open at once. I had always heard it was better on the hard drive not to shut off the computer every night but I'll go back to that. Thanks for the reminder to check on my automatic updates.
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Thankfully my android phone doesn't connect to the wifi unless I wake it up... I tend to turn off my laptop when I go to bed. when going away from the weekend, which we do quite a bit on the motorcycles in the summer, I just turn the router off as well, leaving the exede modem on so it can check in with the control center. this is just to keep passers by from trying to access my wifi... I turn off tabs I am not using and do not run an email program since I use yahoo biz mail... it really is all about making the computer check with you before doing anything like updates etc so you can control when...
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I changed my settings today after your post to automatically check for updates everyday but unchecked the two boxes for automatic download and install. So now I will be notified on my Dock, that I have updates available but I will have to give permission to download them and install them.

After I set up my Netgear modem again, I will remember to turn it off on the days I leave the house but there is not many people around me, where I live.
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If you have Exede, I would suggest going with Exede voice. First, it cost less that traditional land line service. Second it is optimized to work well over satellite internet, third, since it relies on a voice adapter, your computer does not have to be on for the phone to work and, third, Excede voice usage does NOT count against your allowance wile any other VOIP phone service does.

As for shutting the computer off, I never do, unless the power goes out, then it's off long enough for me to fire up the generator. I've never had a usage issue - come close to my allowance many times, gone over twice, but I knew where it was used.
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Thanks for that positive feedback! I am a fan of the Voice service myself. (: I think it not counting against the data really attracts alot of customers to sign up and they love it! Job well done. Exede Kim

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