Just switched from Exede to Hughesnet. How can I undo this horrible mistake. I can't stream video anymore.

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Hughesnet says they detect no problems but I really don't want to wait till my 2 yr. contract ends to be able to watch Netflix or youtube or any other video. I didn't have this problem with Exede.
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Posted 1 year ago

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Jim Parker

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This s a highly suspicious posting most likely coming from an Exede source.  I used Hughesnet in the past and had no problem streaming.  It was too slow however.  The hope now is that with Gen5, the speeds will improve.  I will be switching to Hughesnet as well because of the fraudulent download charges by Exede.  Used to be 200-300 MB's a day. Now it is one GB a day with no Netflix streaming and only google news and emails.
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Hi Jim. People tied to Exede will be marked like my profile. We do have Champions but they are customers and I think one or 2 are dealers but they aren't employed by us, they may sell the service but they work independently. 

As far as the issues you are having I will be more than happy to work with you if you want to send an email to exedelistens@viasat.com. That goes directly to the corporate office and my team (just me today if you send it today) will review and get back to you.
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Hughesnet might be faster now, but that won't be in the case in less than six months nor will they be able to deliver the data levels that Exede will bring with Viasat-2.

Surprised you want to go back to Hughesnet. I have had both services too, but in general I have been more satisfied with Wildblue/Exede.
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Jim Parker,  I, too, have the same question regarding fraudulent download charges by Exede.  We don't streamvideos from any service such as Netflix or Hulu, (occasionally a Facebook video or two but very rarely and no different than in the past), only web-browsing and emails.  I have been using my internet service with WildBlue and Exede for over 9 years in my business now and only occasionally exeded my WildBlue service of 15 GB.  When I changed to Exede 2 1/2 years ago, I went ahead and bumped it up to 25 GB which should have allowed me to never go over my monthly allotment.  I have the auto-loading of videos shut off on Chrome, Edge, and Firefox, and Facebook on all my phones and computers, my network is locked down so no one can use but us, and now I routinely go over 25 GB even though I am doing nothing different than in the past.  I feel that Exede is cheating me somehow but I have no idea how to fix this.  
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Brad, Viasat Employee

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Feel free to email us at exedelistens@viasat.com and we can do a data review for you.
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Brad, Viasat Employee

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Unfortunately they'll be the ones pulling the strings as far as getting out of their agreement goes. So you'd have to work exclusively with them to do that. We'll be more than happy to have you as a customer if that happens though!