It's gotten painful as an installer, Viasat.

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Dearest Viasat, I consider myself a humble installer of your services.

My customers love me as i provide an excellent service experience. Many questions answered, many pleases and thank yous given. Many "I need to mount the dish here, is that acceptable?" asked to many a customer. Many "I need to do XYZ, is that alright?" asked as well. Very many customers satisfied with my experience with them... but thats where it stops.

My quality is bar none. I've not failed an install quality audit in over a year.

My issue is with you, Viasat. When I was converting people from cable/fiber (sorry, customers) to your unlimited 12/25 plans. I felt bad, but at least it was unlimited, right? I know unlimited really meant it slowed down from 40-100gb or whatever, but that's not ... terrible...  (it's bad, but not terrible.)

But your newest change to your ToS has made it that their speeds are pitiful, even before reaching those thresholds. Customers might be able to deal with 12mbps down, even converting from 100/100 from fiber/cable with a ping of .20 ms (as opposed to 600 ms) Even my cable occasionally hits 15 down / 3 up. I can live with that without issue.

But come on... You're killing us viasat. As a tech. I always tried to keep my chin up thinking "well, it's slower but it's not terrible.."

Throttling people right from the get go is incorrigible. I have a hard time NOT telling my customers that they are making a big mistake changing ISPs when they have cable/fiber/anything in the area.

Is it so hard to provide a USABLE service in 2019? 99% of my installs are on Viasat1.. a satellite that has been around longer than my kid brother...

The business speeds are unlimited 35 - and i see speeds around 27-40 mbps with those! With (i believe) a 150gb deprioritization threshold. Over 300% what residential customers get on a liberty 50!

Why do you bend over your residential customers so much?
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Posted 10 months ago

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I got news for you mister. Converting customers currently on fiber/cable to satellite is, in it’s self, unethical. Who would do such a thing?
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I agree. If he really is a dealer, that is why I stated in another post there is good dealers and bad dealers. Selling customers a bill of goods isn't a good way to maintain satisfied customers.
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Is he an installer or a dealer or both?. If he is just installing he is just doing his job. If he is selling also he is unethical as VIASAT and is nothing but a hypocrite for calling them out. I sure would love to see VIASAT's reaction to the topic here.
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Maybe he is just an installer.

But I have personally heard from a dealer who expressed to me similar sentiments.
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Could Dio Brando become a memory of the past, much like our friend Mr. Shack, who posted his disapproval of Viasat's policies?

I agree that if he is a dealer that he is not being very ethical if he sells Viasat to people already on a cable or fiber connection.

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