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Every single month I run out of data. I know that it is not possible that I am using all the data each month. Now that I have found the eSVT from this forum and looked at it, I know there is something wrong. First off, I have my wireless setup as a metered connection and my (ONLY) PC is setup not to update Windows on a metered connection, so I know that this is not happening. I am noticing that every day at 12am it is showing data usage and I can guarantee you that there is nobody up at that time (It is only me and my wife) and there is not even a single computer on at 12am each day. So, there is something else going on. I also found an article on the internet about some issue with some modem looping issue that apparently many Excede customers have experienced. Does anyone have any idea what may be going on? I have called Exede on multiple occassions and they are zero help at all. Only tell me that I am using up my data. I didn't seem to have much of an issue when I first got it and 10Gb was enough. When I started exceeding it, I decided to upgrade to the 18Gb plan and there has not been a single month that I did not go into Liberty pass and now, 4 days into the billing cycle, I have already used 60%. Something has to be wrong. There are times when the eSVT is reporting that I used data and NOBODY was home at that time and day and NO PC was even turned on. How is it possible that I used data if nobody is even home or up at that time?
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Please tell me...   Was there any stormy weather when this happens?  especially when the eSVT shows data being used when you know it wasn't?
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NONE. We have not had rain or even any clouds in weeks. We are suppose to get rain today and tomorrow for the first time in about a month.
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When you look at the modem stats, does the online time look like the modem has reset at around midnight? There may be a problem with your modem, or other reasons that is causing your internet to reset.
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No but field service fixed the modem all seems well. We'll see. Thx.
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I see no indication that the modem has been reset. However, every so often around 6:00am or so, the service stops working and then comes back on about 20 minutes later. Does not happen every day, but it does happen several times per month.
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I have the same problem. My bill is due on the 24th of each month.  I got a warning letter on the 28th stating I'm low.  how can that be and if anything is being done about it

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Hello Elnora, 

Please send us your account and contact info to so we can locate and verify your consumption categories based on your daily traffic

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I too have been plagued by exceptional data usage and a lack of true service. I signed up in October and my 10Gs were gone in 2days, at one point usage was 3G in 3 hours. I was told it was my problem so I bought 10 G more so I could figure out where Gs were going. That all disappeared in a couple of days, so I called again and was read a script at every question I asked, repeating in the same words as before no matter what my question was. Finally got a guy who did the same but told me about eSVT so I started using that plus I installed GlassWire to monitor my computer. Still lost 2G more. Next woman was helpful and cheery but she told me nothing I hadn't heard before. She did give me 5G, free as a one-time gift. That night from about 12:30am to 3am I upgraded Win10, downloaded docs, and turned off my router and computers. The 5Gs were gone in the morning . ESVT reporter I used Gs throughout the free time from 12 to 7am although all my stuff was off. Strangely, it recorded usage for the next two days into the future. I. Then the modem died. Got my service guy out who spent 2 hours resetting the modem and replacing connectors at the antenna and modem. Now the damn thing works as it should. I used 0.1G in the next 2 days and it has remained at that value for the next 5 days that I have been traveling. So after a month of fooling around, repeatedly checking usage by tv, phones, even the refrigerator (didn't have internet!) and spending $195, l determined it was the modem. There must be something to modem looping or just maintenance by Exede that is of the same quality as their service agents. Sorry guys but your boss is not giving you the proper training to help us.
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Jere, there have been many helpful hints on controlling data provided right here in this forum. Doing a search should lead you to several of these threads.
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Hi Jere, please take some time to visit the following links for assistance with securing your router to protect your data.

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Here is a repost of mine that may offer some insight to networking in general and some tools and procedures to get a handle on usage:

Networks, even residential networks are much more complex than most of us realize.

In the not so distant past routers and switches and "Networking" were pretty much limited to businesses and perhaps the more "geeky" subscriber.

A typical satellite users connection looked like this:

A single computer directly connected to the Modem. There is only one path that data can be used. There are no "cross roads" no chance of anything using data beyond those two devices.

Things however even at this level are more complex than meets the eye. That single computer by itself has 65,536 connection ports.

There are broadly speaking two things in play here:

Applications ... Those are PROGRAMS that we start .. we can see them running such as a web browser of an email client program.

A look at Windows Task Manager reveals:

Three running Applications:

An email client program, a web browser and an open file.

However a look at running Processes  shows something much more complex:

I currently have a whopping 102 Processes running in the background  unseen, unknown. Not all of these of course are going to be connected to the Internet at any given time. They "turn on", perform their function and turn off.

In our very simple "network" (single computer directly connected) we could install a program like GlassWire on that computer and it will show all data used by THAT computer and what programs and processes used that data:

Our simple Network now has two "measuring points":

Point A is going to be the point along the single "data path" that is monitored by GlassWire.

Point B is going to be the usage registered by the Modem as "traffic" to be charged against the user monthly data allowance.

The two values should pretty much coincide within reason.

It is possible to look at a usage meter that has yet to "refresh" or register the usage in the last few minutes.

It is possible for the ISP to have "compressed" data and a smaller amount is shown by the Modem as being charged against the allowance than indicated by GlassWire.

At this point the perimeters  are pretty straight forward:

Do the amounts measured at points A (computer) & B (Modem) match ?

If they do NOT and the Modem claims greater usage then I suggest the following process:

Take a screenshot of your remaining allowance (allow for data that has yet to be recorded)

Disconnect the LAN cable from the rear of the Modem and note the exact time.

Let a number of hours pass (overnight ?)

Reconnect the LAN cable and again note the time and the amount of remaining data. Again an allowance must be made for the usage meter to update itself. What we are looking for here is a major discrepancy.

In the event that A and B match then we have to conclude the all of the data used (and charged against the users allowance) was indeed used by the directly connected computer.

A careful look at GlassWire will reveal what program and what processes are using data.

There are many things that can be done to conserve data .. browser extensions that block ads and scripts among other things. Much easier to do once the source of usage has been identified.

As we look at the above example we can see plenty of opportunity for data use and this just by a single computer.

The problem is very few subscribers Networks look like the above.

This is more typical:

The above really multiplies the complexity. It offers multiple connection paths  and each of those by itself has the same complexity as the single computer shown in the example above.

We have to take a much closer look at the Router itself:

The router as a central point in the network has three potential data use avenues:

#1: Its firmware/hardware:

This would include automatic update checks, Remote Access accounts/vulnerabilities, WPS settings/vulnerabilities and "front end" username/password setup to name a few.

#2: Wired LAN connections and the types of devices connected as well as their settings. Specifically end users not understanding the differences between "hard off", "sleep" and "hibernate" as well as other system settings such as Wake On LAN, Wake On Ring and even extending to "scheduled tasks".

We need not even go into the details of forced updates and data "sharing" inherent to Win10 and being back ported to Win7/8/8.1

#3: We come to the most difficult to control ... Wireless activity (on each frequency dual/triple band routers)

We can start with what encryption level, if any, has been set up. We also need to consider the username and password that limits access to the routers front end so that unauthorized users can add themselves to the wireless users list. It needs to be changed from the default values.

We also have the multitude of settings of the many types of devices that can connect wirelessly be they computers, notebooks, tablets, cell phones or even thermostats.

It is often not apparent when all apps on all devices have had their update ability turned off. Very frequently an update will cause other settings to change to their default values.

Considering the number of "connection avenues" provided by a router it is mandatory that it be included in any troubleshooting steps ...

We have to understand the Router is at the center of the Network ...ALL OF THE CONNECTION PATHS  and ALL OF THE DATA USED have to pass through the Router therefore it I suggest a Router that allows the tracking of usage per device.

There are many brands and models available .. a user needs to research which one best serves the users needs.

I have a Asus RT-AC3100 that has traffic monitoring:

Main interface that has the routers options and displays among other things which devices are currently connected:

Which devices used how much data by IP and by date:

And a statistical analysis per device by the top consuming software or process:

One often overlooked area is usage by the Router itself in the form of its internal services:

I had enabled two of the above services and the router internally consumed nearly 1/2 GB within just several days.

Determining the cause of missing data or even excess use requires that a user have some degree of understanding their Network.

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Hi Gwalk900, thanks for your detailed explanation on data usage and charts! It was very educational and my hope is will help many understand how data can be consumed.
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Again, Champ. Thx. I saw all of this previously. Useful to those of us who are E-literate but probably of no use to those who just want to use Exede. True enough, GM does not provide driver training, but if they could not sell cars because of it, you can bet they would and call it good service. I gather Exede doesn't care enough to post more details on data management. Not a big deal but it would help those who don't understand
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Keep in mind that the usage totals you view via eSVT is not real-time data,  Sometimes the system is 4 hours or more behind in transferring and adding usage data from your modem to the eSVT totals.. and if your modem is not connected to the satellite for any reason the total usage can't be updated to your eSVT display until after a valid connection is established..
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Thanks again.   But how does eSVT post data usage two days into the future?   I know it takes time to post, but maybe it's just trying to get ahead of things.  I also know that the agents do not see any future data posts when they look so treat me as some kind of idiot.  Something was wrong with my modem then that seems so far to have been fixed by service guy with resetting the numbers on the modem and replacing the connectors.   That's all, but it seems to have worked.
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Hi Jere, I'm glad to hear your issue has been resolved with your modem. ESVT cannot see any data before it is consumed and if you were given any indication that it does, I apologize. 
Have a great evening.
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Thx. I know all that in part because of your previous posts and of course the repetitive discussions with service agents.
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The biggest data hogs are updates and background app refreshes, like live tiles being on in Windows Start menu, allowing notifications from social media or other apps you may have, audio and video, even advertisements, pictures, graphics on websites, etc...

You have to take control of all of those on every device that can connect via your Exede modem. Of course cell phones use less data than the computer so, if you MUST view a video, use your phone via wifi. Same if you MUST hear an audio file or presentation.

Flash games, like those on facebook are bad for using data as well.

Still, the bottom line is, in today's world, the internet alone, no matter how you use it uses a lot more data than it did even just 5 years ago. Exede has a limited capacity, so we have metered service. Hopefully we will get more as more satellites are launched but, it's still going to be up to us to decide what we really need the internet for and, use it only for those things. We can't stream video, listen to online radio, spend all day on social media site or in a live chat and expect to stay withing the smaller data limits. We can't allow satellite television or smart TVs to use the internet at all. We need ad, flash and media blockers to keep those data gobbling advertisements and graphics from loading, etc...

9 times out of 10, it is something you are unaware of on your computer or home network that is using your data. rarely, it's an unsecured router allowing a neighbor to use your data and, very rarely it is actually a problem with the modem or Exede.

Triple check everything if you honestly cannot account for data usage.