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I was so glad to get the Freedom Plan... but it doesn't do me any good if I can't use it.. My speeds and this is most of the time.. not just peak hours.. is 2.01 download and .37 upload.. I mean what the heck.. I think Dial Up might be faster.. I can't hardly get anything to load.. Not streaming movies or Netflix or gaming.. just trying to do social media and some You Tube.. but OMG this is just ridiculous...  What the heck is going on... Not a happy Camper to say the least.. I see a lot of other people having the same problem, so just not in my area but all across the U.S. Ridiculous...and if you say Peak overload.. well maybe you need to quit taking our money until you can provide what you are suppose to... 
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Hi Elaine,  Please send your account and contact information to with your account and contact information. We'll take a look at your account and try to figure out what is causing those slow speeds. 
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Elaine, There is no speed problem where I live in North Carolina. I just checked my speed(2PM EDT) with and without my VPN. With the VPN my download speed is almost 17Mb/s and without it 26Mb/s. I did this to illustrate that download speed has more to do with how you get there rather than the speed of your network. I'm NOT saying you Don't have a problem. But what I am saying is Exede speed problems are not throughout the country and just because a Beam is not crowded, doesn't mean that the destination is too. That being said, it is not unreasonable to expect more than 2Mb/s on a 25Mb/s network.
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They're over selling or I should say over sold the beam you're on.
Cancel your service NOW because you WILL get VERY slow internet during peak usage times between 5pm and 2am and this is every day, on the weekends the slow speeds lasts all day (between noon and 2am).

If they give you issues, report them to the FCC, and BBB.
Need links let me know.

I'm going to be starting a class action lawsuit because it's against the law to sell a service knowing they can not fulfill said service and then charge you a fee when you try and break the contract of the service they sold you but not supplying.
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^ i smell a hater onto EVERY forum that is about slow speeds... -.- if your going to NOT help any other people then why be on this forum and so on??? if your done with your contract or something then dont be complaining about it... CAUSE!!! this forum is about to HELP other people... NOT to complain about it you dont have exede at all -.-
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How many sites have you tested speed on? When I first got Exede i used several sites to test speed and use the one that gave me the best throughput throughout the day. And the reason for checking off peak hours is to give you the best shot at the fastest speed. I disagree with Tirzy Rice. This is a public forum moderated by Exede, and if they think the content is not appropriate, they pull it off the forum. Also the complaining helps give us clues as to what might be the problem. I'm starting to get suspicious of the boost modem/router because the bulk of the speed complaints come from new boost customers. Whether you have 12mbps or 25mbps net speed, I think you would be upset about 1Mbps or lower. My boost modem came in the first batch of hardware before Exede got nervous and pretty much quit offering the 150G data plan. Around this time, the boost modem also became scarce. 
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Call us whatever you want, Tirzy, but the reality is that Exede sold a new service with "up to speeds" (yes I know) that far exeeded what I had, some of us had with our current plans.  We now have SLOWER speeds out of the box and a severely hobbled/inferior piece of hardware forced on us.  I regularly used the eSVT tool and never showed any issues.  Since the upgrade, the "congestion bubble" is always "lit."  Why congestion now and not before?  Tells me they didn't/don't have the bandwidth to support what they are selling.  Lastly, saying you can surf between 2am and 5am is just absurd.  The other excuses I've heard (oh the kids are on spring break is one) and just...  pathetic.  Now, as a company I know full well they can't say, "Ooops... we screwed up.  We should have waited until Viasat-2 was launched!"  Personally, I think they didn't expect the influx of new accounts and upgrades.  Good for them.  But it was poor planning.  In the end, we are allowed to vent.  I have yet to see one magical fix for the poor speed issues, other than the whole thermal issue with the modem/router.  That does help.  I truly believe the only way to get things to improve (and they have improved some for me) is to vent.  Open a ticket.  I did lodge a complaint with the FCC and they have notified Exede and the company has 30 days from 4/3.  If you have a list of tips or tricks to improve speed, other than telling people to surf in the middle of the night, we're all ears...
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I also noticed while running the eSVT program my modem shows it needs an update and the software is outdated. It said to reboot the modem/router and refresh 10 minutes later. I rebooted several times and it wont update. It keeps saying the Account access settings need corrected. Any ideas? Maybe this is why I only see 1.1mps on a clear day with little congestion. I day customer and miserable. I'm supposed to have "up to" 25mps. 1mps is ridiculous. It's like buying a car with an estimated mpg of "up to" 40mpg on the sticker and only getting 2mpg. This wouldn't
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Elaine's post of her speeds is not correct.  It shows a latency of 80ms.  It needs to show at least 600ms.  Not sure how she is checking her speed, but something is wrong.
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Mine download on Friday night just after midnight is less than 1Mbps, 2nd test was 2.2Mbps. Mine are not wrong. This morning before I left for work is was over 25 but that doesn't do me any good once I leave for work. Terrible service when I am home.
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Um.. This is using your speed test sigh  YOUR's and it's still slow..........