In Motion Dish for RV?

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I've been looking around and can't find any current information on a dish compatible with Viasat for in motion use.  Anyone have experience using a Winegard dish or something similar to get in motion internet?
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Posted 2 years ago

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Viasat does not offer service for RVers, you would need a Viasat TRIA and, those are only available by leasing them from Viasat. Accounts are built per beam, meaning your account is locked to get service on only one beam or, in other words, in one location. Mobile service is not possible for residential use.
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We've certainly had a growing interest in servicing RVs but unfortunately at this time we're only installing at permanent residential locations
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Well, if you ever get a residential mobile system, I have a semi truck driver that would happily put ti to the test. Cellular service just doesn't work everywhere that truck goes and setting up a DTV dish every time he stops is a pain in the rump.

I can see Truck drivers and, trucking companies loving it, internet, including streaming for drivers and full electronic communication, GPS and, truck and data tracking for companies. It could be made to report location, speed the truck is moving, fuel economy, hours of service and, more. Could even provide reliable VOIP service for when a driver is in a no cell service location - it happens a lot. E-logs and all could be handled on a Viasat system.
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I agree!
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how much are we talking? what is the cost of freedom? ;)
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All of the major dish providers both TV and Internet started off saying no to RV-ing.  All came around after finding out how big the market was. Many of us did it even before they allowed it, using StarBand and Hughesnet.

My first of many trips to Mexico I carried a briefcase full of Cell Phones.  If I were ever stoped at the boarder they would have thought I was some big time criminal.  But back then it was Satellite, Dial and Return.  And Cell packages were very limited on minutes. (No large packages.)  So I would swap phones every 4-7 days.  

My requests went out over dial up modem style cell modem service, and then the data was sent back at blazing speeds of close to .5 meg, (ha ha)  over the satellite dish.   I was the only one on the beach in Mexico in and RV with internet.  

Back then I think they said that it was not allowed because they did not want to support it.  

Its was a lot tricker than aligning a TV dish.  But I bought good equipment and eventually learned that with a DigiSat I could set it up myself in no time. 

I am guessing that ViaSat will come around.  In the meantime I would find out what the footprint of the satellite you are on and see if it covered the area you wanted to travel to.  You might not even need to let  them know you were on the road.  Starband use to cover a large ark across the US with on satellite and as long as I was traveling East and west, there was no problem.  I was on my own as far as support of course.  But the wireless freedom was great.