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Why am I not able to access certain websites that I've been using for months and that I pay for? I'm really annoyed! And it's not my data, I still have more than enough for the month!
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Posted 2 years ago

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I've been told it is an issue on their part and they don't know when it will be resolved.  This was only after repeated phone calls and standard answers. First it was my router, then it was weather related. 3 sessions with the experts. Finally they said it was a known issue with certain websites. Just happens to be the ones I use.
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For me I did a speed test and my pings were way too high. Over 600! Call customer service and all they can keep telling me is that my dish is out of alignment. Plus they want another $95 from u to get it realigned. When my service hasn't worked correctly since it started and we've just dealt with it bc well I'm not paying them more money when their tech didn't set the dish up right to begin with!!
I am 7 days into my service only used 3 out of 12 gbs and out of contract and they will NOT prorate this and give me a refund.
To top that off a customer service rep told me I'd get a refund then when he connected me to a person to finish disconnecting my service he informed me I can't get a refund. Talked to a supervisor and she would not honor what her worked told me. Blew it off to he was probably new and doesn't know the policy!!

I say this is very poor way to run a business. They basically stole that money! There's no telling how many others they've done this to.

If I was you do a speed test. Go to speed and do the free test. I was told around 50 or lower is what most need. If it's over a 100 it's exede and when u tell them about the ping they are usually shocked that people know this. And will blame it on dish alignment and they will want money for a tech to come out.

If I was you I'd cancel and get someone else as a provider. But don't use Hughes net. They are alot worse the exede.
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Ping times (latency) in the 600 millisecond range are inherent to satellite technology - it's a matter of physics when dealing with an approximate 90,000 mile round trip for request/response sequence. Latency can make certain activities (typically gaming) difficult.

Due to inherent latency and severe data caps, satellite internet should only be considered as a last resort if other viable terrestrial internet services are not available to you.  

FWIW, you're never out of contract as long as you have the service until you cancel; however, once you meet your two year commitment you don't incur an early termination fee on canceling (but you have to return some equipment to avoid other charges)    Every thing you've described is pretty clear in the customer agreement including charges for service calls after the initial 90 day period, as well as no pro-ration of the final months service:

In order to cover free service calls beyond the 90 day period, ViaSat would need to arbitrarily raise their monthly prices. So as not to impact all customers, you can now opt for the extended protection plan at an additional monthly cost.           
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Returning to the original topic at hand after a brief detour, the inability to reach certain web sites while still reaching others is typically a server side DNS issue that requires attention. You can always post links to those web sites here to see if other customers can reach them; however, you should also include your beam number (service area), gateway, and core node. Differences in those can narrow it down to determine whether it's a global issue or not.

The best you can do is report the sites to Viasat directly, hope that it gets relayed to the engineers who can do something about it and wait it out.           
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Hello Tammy, I’m sorry you are experiencing issues connecting to particular websites. Have you attempted to reset your modem and router? Traffic o or from a certain website may be getting tripped up by your modem or router.Resetting these devices may allow you to access the website again. I would also suggest resetting your browser, this will remove all of your data from the browser and revert it to its default settings. If you still need assistance please send us your account and contact info to Thank you 
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im having the same problems with websites for the past 48 hours.
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@Exede Lindsey I had this issue last week. Kirk in Business Support helped me solve it. He conferenced with a technician over there, a woman but, I didn't get her name. She did some kind of reset on the Exede side that meant I had to reboot my router ONLY, then about 20 minutes later, my modem lost connection briefly and, after that all was well again and has been ever since.

This really might be an Exede side problem.