i am not getting what i pay for

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Internet speed test
Megabits per second
Testing upload...


Mbps download


Mbps upload
Latency: 648 ms
Server: New York, NY

Your Internet speed is very slow

Your Internet download speed is very slow. Web browsing should work, but videos could load slowly.
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Posted 1 year ago

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And you never will with these bottom freding pricks
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What a mature reply!  Very helpful, I'm sure.  
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Great. Thanks for posting that. Now Stephen will just post his numbers bragging about his speeds, and there is no ignore feature on this site!
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I want to see a picture of those Bottom Freding Pricks.  Must be a new species that they just discovered.
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What plan are you on and how much data have you used for your current billing cycle?
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Regardless, those look like typical speeds on my beam. Sadly, I dont have a magic beam like Stephen!
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Those speeds are pretty slow.  As Stephen asked, what plan are you on?  How much data have you used this billing cycle?  At what time of day was this test taken?

If you'd like some specific information about your account, please email us at viasatlistens@viasat.com with your account number!
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Yep, any time you use any of these generic hacks on a site basis (ad blocker, javascript blacklisting, flash blocker, flash control, HTML5 media hacks, user agent switching, etc.). You need to do a refresh to determine whether the site remains functional to your satisfaction - some just won't function at all one or more of them.

The site may not behave as the designer intended and some are now using "ad blocker" blockers preventing access to the site until you enable ads - i.e. the type that popup up and say "Please consider enabling ads to continue since we rely on ad revenue..."

I'll consider enabling when the site developer/designer considers using my limited data resources more wisely - not everyone has "unlimited high speed internet" ;)

For me, CNN appears less resource intensive with the user agent switcher set to iPhone while setting to Android KitKat appears to stop the videos ... for other sites that doesn't work because the developer hasn't designed the site for an optimized experience on different devices.    

But most of these hacks demonstrate just how wasteful web developers have become by viewing the world through there own unlimited data and high speed rose-colored lenses. The only certainty is that they continue to find more imaginative ways to waste our data and drive up bandwidth requirements - satellite providers just can't keep up with the increasing bandwidth demands (at least not without a rocket launch involved - it's much easier/cheaper/quicker for the land based providers to drive out to a corn field and erect a new tower).

Just think if all subscribers were to use these hacks - we'd have more available capacity for all; but it's a lot of work to monitor one's usage, identify what's going on and select the right mitigation strategy. Some don't have the inclination, patience and time for that and I do get that and some aren't going to fire up the browser's developer tools to look under the hood and see exactly what's going on for a page or site. They want an easy button and the Viasat Browser covers many of them out of the box, but unfortunately not all cases which are some of the more serious data abusers.

With today's web were pretty much at the mercy of web developers who may or may not give a rip about our data usage limitations.
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Very well said.  And I've seen more and more of those sites that yell at you if you use an ad blocker.  Forbes is one of the first that I noticed doing that.  

I'll give that switcher a try on CNN and see how it goes. 

Thanks again for the info.  It's very much appreciated.  

Edit:  WOW.  Setting the user agent switcher to Android KitKat worked perfectly with the videos.  Even better than the JavaScript setting in uBlock Origin.  And I don't have to keep toggling it on and off with that site, which was still easier than the LAN cable trick, mind you.  Perfect!  Thank you!  :)  
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Old Labs,

It took me a few minutes to find it while searching through the settings, but I finally found where I can add a domain, and what I want it to be on for that domain.  That makes it so much easier than having to switch back and forth.  This user agent switcher is the greatest extension since an ad blocker!  Putting CNN in for the domain, and choosing Android Kit Kat, has worked perfectly.  No more videos automatically playing, yet I can still choose to play them if I want to!  And it's ONLY for that site.   

A millions thanks!!!   
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For those not interested... TL;DR

Thanks, I learn something new every day too - it pays to keep an open mind and try things that are recommended around here and elsewhere when inclined to say that can't possibly be true - pass it all along to your community (I can't since you're a closed society over there and keep the riff-raff out)  and get it added to somebody's pinned data usage tips over there -  wish we had that feature it would save so much typing and upload bandwidth  ;)

With your prodding, I finally found the Permanent Spoof List option also (as well as others) - it was hiding in plain sight - I'd forgotten that you get to extension options a little differently with the Chromium variants and thought it simply didn't have any advanced options  ;)

Some sites work better with different user agent strings - probably depends on what primary devices/browsers the site developer uses - that's the real purpose of these user agent switchers, to allow developers to see how their site behaves on different devices. Being able to pick and choose which user agent string is used on a site basis is exactly what I was looking for in different user agent extension - the search has been abandoned!

With enough hunting and pecking for the right user agent string and the ability to create custom strings, I can trim all the news sites down to their smallest possible footprint and can usually stop them from continuing to use data in the background.  I only read them for the articles anyway on both sides of the political spectrum ;)

Spoof a user agent string and go to that link above - it'll show you how sites may be interpreting your browser, operating system and device. It's simply a compatibility indication, not actual device and some web enabled applications would prefer to have a site think they have specific comparability requirements (lazy design so as not to have to target multiple environments). It's also why some folks report... "Viasat thinks I'm using an iPhone or Linux, I have neither and they're obviously ripping off my data because my router shows nether of those". Chances are they have an application beyond simply the browser specifying it needs iPhone or Linux compatibility - typically all apps send one by default or the underlying OS API provides a default.

It's hacks like this that allow me to say Viasat is usable even during major slow downs in the sub 1 Mbps range down to about .25 Mbps - it helps if you can get a web site to only send you a fraction of the bloat that they normally send that chews up your available bandwidth. When speeds drop that low, I know enough to not be streaming or downloading ;)

End User Agent Strings 101 for those interested...
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RE: user agent string

For Firefox, Chrome and Opera users, I found this User-Agent Switcher has a nice setup/interface where one can copy/paste a user agent string, and use it.

There is a manual way of doing it: How To Change User Agent in Firefox but I haven't tried it.

I found this article interesting: Understanding Extension Permission Requests
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Year and a half later you still won’t get what you’re paying for