How to get an unlimited plan?

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For a while, I saw an unlimited plan (silver if I remember right) in my account, and tinkered at the idea of switching even though my classic plan does me justice.  After a fair amount of thinking, I decided to upgrade my plan, but only to discover the unlimited plan that was there is gone.  I presume that such plans come and go based availability of space.  Just in case that I'm missing something, is there a way to upgrade to an unlimited plan or do I just have to keep an eye out on my account to see if it pops up as an option again?
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Posted 9 months ago

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When you say "in my account" I assume you mean the plans that show up in your Dashboard. What plans a re showing for you, the Liberty Plans?  Have you checked to see what plans are available in your area, for new subscribers? Check this at: . If unlimited plans are available they will show up there.  If you are past the end of your two year contract you can cancel your current service and set up a new account.  If not past the two year mark, you would have to pay the $15 a month for the remaining time on your contract to do this. Another possibility might be to put your account on "Vacation status" and when you "return from vacation" status, other plans might be available for you. You would want to check this carefully because if your current plant was no longer available when you restart your service, you wouldn't be able to go back to the original plan.  Another thing to check, Vacation status is supposed to be for a minimum of 60 days.  When you reactivate in less than 60 days you are required to pay back any savings you might have had. As I said this last is kind of a "last ditch" effort to get what you want!
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They will tell you plan availability comes and goes (it does). There is no rhyme or reason to it. I would just keep checking everyday. Chances are it will show up again sooner rather than later.
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I would argues that there is rhyme and reason to it.  Viasat is trying to "sell" in underutilized areas, and also may be involved in "balancing" their loads in other areas.  I'm sure they are constantly monitoring their overall usage on every beam as well as gateways.  We switched to a plan with 60GB of data at speeds up to 12 mb/s and have only gone beyond the 60 GB once in the past 7 months.  Schools out so that might change.  I personally see no reason to change but will occasionally check to see what plans are available.  Still on Viasat 1 with no reason to change that.
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You give them way too much credit. When you have no consistency in plan offerings you just confuse and frustrate the end user. There is too much mucking around with things. It started to get out of hand with the "unlimited" plan offerings last September and now we are where we are.

Plan offerings shouldn't change like the weather.
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I would agree that things got ahead of themselves early this year when Viasat 2 was being spun up.

The beam I am on has been overloaded ever since then. Even on priority data, my evenings often have very poor speeds and thus far no Viasat 2 plans have been offered.
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VeteranSatUser, I think you should follow the the major cell carriers and their continuous plan changes.  Technology and people's use of it evolves, so why not have plans that evolve too?

Thanks everyone for the info.  Feel better knowing that it'll eventually pop back up eventually down the road.  Who knows, maybe even something better ;-)
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Do Not Get the unlimited plans! They are not good for video whatsoever, and they’re not truly unlimited. It’s like giving you a car to drive anywhere, but on the interstate you can’t drive over 20, 30, and 40MPH. If you have the freedom plan keep it. These plans are fraudulent in my point of view!
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Clean up on isle 5!
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Just one posters opinion!

I mean it's not like he is calling the FBI!
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Maybe not, but must Tommy Sawyer copy and paste the same rant to so many threads. Once is enough!

He is very frustrated, obviously, but must have gotten so excited about getting an "unlimited" plan that he didn't see the video resolution he was going to get.